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This is the thread dedicated to great beards everywhere.

You can discuss beards and post pics of your favorites.

There will be no beard bashing tolerated.


Great beard. Allows for the saying "By the Beard of Beanie..."
Could be longer, but I still dig it.


Fierce beardage.

By popular demand.

It was the 70's, and beards were going in all kinds of crazy directions not seen since the olden days. Bitchin' 'fros, sideburns for days, and there was this man. The only TWO TIME Heisman winning beard:


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jmorbitz;1303753; said:
Having a beard is pretty manly. I challenge to know if thats his real beard. I give him more rep if it is.

Good point. Not sure. Maybe some Harry Potter nerd on here can fill us in.

I'll give him the beardifit of the doubt until.

I'll be giving updates on my own beard also.

No Shave November is fast approaching. Trim now.

It will be followed by:

Don't Shave December
Just Don't Shave January
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