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This week's "You've gotta be kidding me" award

Wow. Utilizing logic such as that, I sure hope that the WNBA never hands out Barbie dolls to girls that attend their games. I'd hate to see all of them grow up to be wealthy, hot-looking babes with nice racks. Oh, the horror!
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Hey... Anybody live in Minnesota... I really don't care about GI Joe... but if they have an "M-16" day.... or maybe an "AK-47" day... let me know... I'd really like to get in on that.

Also... if they are only giving them to the kids.. let me know.. I'll borrow my niece.

["hey blue- you blind or something.. that was a strike :pissed: (Automatic Gunfire) Yeah.. That's what I thought"]
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John Varone, a Vietnam veteran and president of the Twin Cities chapter of Veterans for Peace, criticized the promotion. "The last place we need to promote war is at our national pastime,'' he said.

F*ck him. It's not promoting war, it's recognizing those in defense of our country. He supposedly is a "Vietnam veteran"...I wonder if actually served time in Nam or just happened to be on active duty during the conflict.
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"We are absolutely going forward with the promotion," Klinger added.

Glad to see that there are a few people left in the US that still have a pair.

BTW, I am surprised to see that there haven't been any "Klinger" jokes yet...
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Jesus. We have become such a fuckin' panty-waste, cry-baby, pussy society. You can't hardly even open your mouth for fear that it might upset somebody who's too damn sensitive to just live and let live.

What a bunch of shit.
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