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Gave up the ghost
about ESPiN's opinion on what makes "good" football, and why they despise our JT-led success so much:


[font=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]Most Underrated Bowl Game[/font]
The GMAC Bowl (30), in which Bowling Green (31) and Memphis (32) scored 87 points and showcased the glorious skills of Falcons quarterback Omar Jacobs (33). If you want a dark-horse candidate for the '05 Heisman, try the guy who threw 41 touchdown passes this season, including five against the Tigers.

[font=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]Most Overrated Bowl Game[/font]
The Sugar Bowl (34), which featured two very good teams playing one boring football game.

So a lower-tier bowl game is better than the game that could force a split NC, because hey, 87 points is WAY better than 29! Defense wins... what?? This is why ESPiN hates OSU: offense highlights pay the bills...
I read the same article and was surprised that Forde omitted Ginn Jr and OSU from his list of individuals and teams who had best positioned themselves for next year. However, I don't think this absence reflects poorly on ESPN, since Forde was already a bona fide idiot long before anyone had heard of Maurice Clarett.
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i was just listening to espin radio and i had the very same thought. now auburn has eliminated themselves from any NC talk because they didnt blow VT out? thats ridiculous. since when does margin of victory determine how good a team is. just because you dont throw the ball 50 yards downfield once per drive doesnt mean you are a bad team. ill take the 02 buckeyes against any offensive powerhouse media-loved team any day.
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Couldnt agree more, I personally think Auburn would beat USC or Okie.........in fact they remind me alot of our 02 team defensively. They beat a Va Tech team last night, who had won 8 straight, including the last one, beating Miami in the Orange Bowl. Would like to see SC or Okie go do that. Okie plays in the biggest pussy conference next to the Big East, and the Pac 10 is not far behind.
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Writers can say whatever they want. As long as we keep them shut up by beating these "flashy" teams, I'll be perfectly happy.

But as far OSU being "sexy" in the eyes of the media three things come to mind that could help our image:

1. Ted Ginn Jr. - Do I have to explain this one? At the Michigan game the crowd started to roar when he walked onto the field.

2. Beating Texas - containing Vince Young, or better yet, giving him the "Donovan Woods" treatment. Hopefully our defense won't miss tackles and burst at the seams, allowing Young to do his thing. Plus they are playing in our (very loud) house.

3. Troy Smith - current problems aside, and in a hypothetical sense; the extra dimension he provided our offense is simply exciting to watch. In a perfect world, it would be awesome to see how he would perform against Texas. But of course, this issue is, at best, unresolved.
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