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This is nothing but a load of BS


Go Bucks/Hail to the Redskins!!
Turned on ESPN2 expecting to watch the Buckeyes tonite and what do I see???? Long Beach State and Stanford. What the hell are the people at ESPN thinking? Why would anyone in Ohio be the least bit interested in watching two teams from California when the Buckeyes are playing? ESPN really sucks as far as I'm concerned.
The worst part of us (and I don't know if it was this way nationwide or not), but ESPN2 showed the Miami/NCSU game here, then the Texas/FSU game. When the latter ended, they finally cut over to the OSU game -- just in time (literally) for the game ending out to be caught.

I'm not a big baseball fan, but I'm encouraged by what someone (Buckaholic?) said over on BNut about the whole team (more or less) returning next year.

I felt Baseball deserved its own thread, hopefully with time a community of fans for that sport in particular can develop here. Esp. since there isn't otherwise a specific home for it.
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Guys, was the game just not on in your area? I'm in Columbus and caught both games (a little late ... 4th or 5th inning on) but I though both were shown from the first pitch. Am I wrong, or was this just shown in the Columbus area?
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