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The Good of getting Punk'd on Signing Day (so what)


keeping tan
I think that the quotes by Tressel definitely carry weight with regard to the perceptions of signing day decisions. Notice how OSU went down dramatically on the "recruiting websites", rivals and insiders respectively- not even top ten on insiders, yet Lemming, for all his faults still kept us in his top 5.

It's almost as if they were assuming we'd get Bryant, Anderson and Jarrett all along. But something is definitely rotten in the state of Denmark -- err-- make that the state of my residence, Florida, more specifically, South Fla. These kids are too smart about recruiting as it has become a huge part of their way of life. Football is their way out of poverty and the path to prosperity and they know it all too well. They've got the recruiting game down and it just seems to me that kids all across the nation know that if they take their time to decide their stock will rise continually; ie what if Mitchum, Ginn, and Freeman had waited until NLOID to make a decision how much more press would each of them have gotten? Probably lots.

I've got a pretty well thought out article here: He can play, so who needs character? about Willie Williams who waited until NLOID and it pretty much made me think that I'd much rather have a kid in the OSU program who did anything but wait until signing day to pick the Bucks.

If you don't want to read the link, let me just suffice it to say that he's a delinquent and there is a reference to K2, the "solja" in a not-so-positive tone (at least in my estimation). This is rare ink for Florida since the papers are usually UM's lap-dogs, IMHO.


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  • We didn't get "punked" on NLOI day. All those that signed with us simply committed before then. Sure, there were a couple guys on NLOI day that we would have like to have gotten, but to say we got "punked" is to imply that the kids to signed elsewhere purposely waited to NLOI strictly to idss the schools they didn't select. If you want to talk about getting "punked" on NLOI day, look at the stunt Richard Washington pulled on us last year...now that was a punk job.
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    Wears Scarlet-colored glasses
    Actually, Mili, I believe Washington was the year before. Last year, I think it was Stanley McClover. I know--it's hard to keep all of these traitors straight. And Jacob Stewart in 01, although maybe he decomitted prior to signing day.
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    keeping tan
    I think that we really got punked by the media. I really love our class! The only one I saw in person was Dukes and I really did like the way he goes after the ball. He mentioned that he goes after the ball, and he wasn't kidding. I've got the videotape of his all-star performance. Awesome. All they had to do was throw it anywhere near him.

    I like the way Lyons looks and sounds. Those shades he was wearing at his conference made him look a little like The Rock. You you smell what I'm cookin'?

    I'm psyched to see Zwick (and/or Smith) and a dominating team. Call me an insane optimist but I think we're going to resemble USC's offense from last year- this year.

    That's the beauty of being a buckeye fan. You're almost more excited to see the new guy than the old guy who is stepping out.
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    I heard that Jarrett pulled a bit of crap at his signing, but to hell with him and the others who decided that TOSU was not the place for them.

    After the Dukes and Lyons announcements, I was satisfied with this class, Hell, even WITHOUT them this class was rock-solid. We GOT who many beleive is the best player in the nation in TGJr. Mitchum, Person, Skinner, and Rehring are huge gets. We have the possibility of 4 All Big Ten Players there.

    Hoobler and Nicol were also great signees. Shaun Lane has potential All-American written all over him. Watch out for kids like Brandon Smith and Curtis Terry. "Hungry Like The Wolf Buckeye's" is how I'LL describe them.

    In retro, we didn't get "punked" by anybody. WE are the one's who are gonna do some "Punk'in" with this class of recruits. Peace.
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