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Game Thread THE GAME: #1 Ohio State 42, #2 Michigan 39 (11/18/06)

Antonio Bass may be out for the 2006 season. He is a talented young WR who lined up out wide, in the backfield and as an option QB. He definitely is a big loss if indeed he is out.
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Antonio Bass may be out for the 2006 season. He is a talented young WR who lined up out wide, in the backfield and as an option QB. He definitely is a big loss if indeed he is out.

Wow, that would be a big loss. The co-worker of mine who is a big Michigan fan said that Bass was the WR to watch out for this season more than any other, including Breaston...he raved about the guy.
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Carr talks about Bass's injury and the spring.

Given Carr's typical restraint and understatement concerning injuries, I expect Bass will be missing at least some of the season. At worst, he will be able to redshirt.

I think this is a bigger loss at QB, given our poor depth, than it is at WR. Bass wasn't going to beat out Manningham and Breaston and was probably going be in a dogfight with Arrington and Tabb for the #3 spot. I expect Arrington to win with Tabb and his comparable speed to take Bass's spot on reverses and quick WR passes.
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1st injury of the year [FONT=Verdana,Arial]( [/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana,Arial]1[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana,Arial]2[/FONT][FONT=Verdana,Arial] )[/FONT]
...I have info...

And Bass most certainly has a better arm than Forcier.

Not just going by what his HS coach said, but what our coaches think. But those who think he does not have a division IA arm:

"Antonio is a mobile quarterback with a very good arm," said Jackson Head Coach Jack Fairly. "He runs in the 4.4 range consistently and can throw the ball 60-70 yards flat-footed. Antonio also plays with a lot of poise, especially in tough situations."

The season is over if Forcier takes over at qb.
Not saying Bass would have been much better, but the coaches were looking for Bass at #2.
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If you really want to get under a UM fans skin, point out that they lost to Notre Dame, Ohio State, Texas, and Nebraska all in the same calendar year. Those are the other four of the five winningest programs in CFB. If you go back to the 2004 season, then the Wolverweenies have also lost to Ohio State (again) and Notre Dame (again), making them 0-6 versus the other four of the five winningest programs in the country in just the last two years.
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The Detroit papers confirm Bass's season ending injury. It also appears that "Super Mario" twisted a knee.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bass is likely out for season

Sophomore projected as Wolverines' backup quarterback underwent knee surgery March 31.

Angelique S. Chengelis / The Detroit News

ANN ARBOR -- Michigan sophomore receiver Antonio Bass, projected to be the backup quarterback this fall, more than likely will miss the entire season.

Bass injured a knee last month during a conditioning drill. He underwent surgery March 31 once the swelling had sufficiently decreased.

Michigan coach Lloyd Carr, whose team is in its final week of spring practice that culminates with Saturday's public scrimmage at Michigan Stadium, said Bass is in good spirits.

Carr has not discussed details of the knee injury but said it was severe.

"It is a significant injury," Carr said Monday. "And I think it would take an extraordinary rehabilitation for him to come back, but I've seen guys do things that I never thought they could do. So I don't rule him out, but he's got a lot of work in front of him."

Carr does not believe Bass's injury will be career-ending.

"We certainly do not anticipate that, no," Carr said.

Bass, who attended Jackson High, was one of six freshmen to play last fall. He was used in rushing and passing situations and lined up at quarterback on several occasions. If Bass does manage to return this fall, it will be his decision whether to give up a redshirt year so he can play.

"I'd be more interested in what he wanted to do," Carr said.

Meanwhile, Bass is in the best possible mind-set as he tackles rehabilitation, Carr said.

"He has a tremendous attitude," Carr said. "He's very optimistic. He's very positive."

Injury update

Fullback John Thompson has missed several days of practice because of a badly bruised arm that was injured during a drill. Thompson is expected back at practice today.

… Receiver Mario Manningham sprained a knee and has missed some practice, but Carr said the injury was "nothing serious."

… Offensive lineman Rueben Riley , who had spent most of spring practice working at right tackle, has been out because of an unspecific injury.

… Linebacker Chris McLaurin had surgery on a shoulder last fall and now the other one is giving him problems, Carr said. McLaurin might require surgery, and if so, he should be back by fall practice.

… Receiver Doug Dutch , out the first few weeks of practice recovering from arthroscopic knee surgery for an injury suffered before the Alamo Bowl in December, returned to practice last week and has progressed well.

In the trenches

Junior Jake Long , a right tackle the last two years, has distinguished himself at left tackle this spring.

Adam Kraus , who started at center last fall before suffering a knee injury, likely will start at left guard while Mark Bihl will be the center. Alex Mitchell is penciled in at right guard and Riley at right tackle.

"What we're looking for is to solidify ourselves at the tackle position," Carr said. "Rueben Riley played there for almost two weeks before he got hurt. Cory Zirbel , a young freshman, has made some strides there. Mike Kolodziej has worked in there some, and Mark Ortmann , another freshman, has gotten a lot of work."

Carr said Mitchell, listed at 6-foot-5 and 311 pounds, needs to lose some weight. He is competing for the job with Jeremy Ciulla .

"We've really gotten a lot of work, and we're much improved in that area from the day we started spring practice," Carr said.

Carr left open the possibility that if Zirbel or Ortmann or Kolodziej show huge improvement at right tackle, Riley, who can play tackle, guard or center, could slip into the right-guard position.

The Brown experiment

Freshman tailback Carlos Brown , who along with offensive lineman Justin Boren enrolled early to participate in spring drills, has shown terrific breakaway speed on big runs, Carr said.

Brown also has worked at cornerback.

"He's made very good progress, as has Justin Boren," Carr said. "Both those kids, considering they just walked in the door in January, have done very well."

A game? A practice?

It is unclear what the format of Saturday's 1 p.m. practice will be. In recent years, because of limited numbers owing to injuries, Michigan has abandoned the game format and held a practice.

Carr said he won't know for sure until after Thursday.

You can reach Angelique S. Chengelis at [email protected].
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What ever happened to Brett Gallimore, the highly acclaimed OL from the 2004 class? He isn't listed anywhere in the depth charts.

#74, he played at right tackle in the Eastern Michigan and Indiana games last year, that's all I can find on him.

And he's listed as 'enrolled in Division of Kinesiology', but you could have guessed that. :biggrin:
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Well from the sounds of it, the scUM O wasnt too impressive yesterday in the glorified spring practice, b/c it isnt an actual scrimmage.

Thier O-line could control the D-line.
The Wrs and TEs were dropping balls.
The RB did ok espeically Carlos Brown.
Henne was eratic, but that is kind of to be expected in the spring.

Here is a article from GBW$ about it.
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Free article detailing their woes at the spring game:

Michigan Sports Center

Earlier today I attended the final spring practice, which translated to a bunch of drills and a minor scrimmage at the end. Overall, I have to say that I'm a little disappointed. Players that were "supposedly" improving showed me the same stuff as last year. I'll get into the specifics a little later, but for right now let's just go over some of the things I noticed.

The picture to the left is one that I took when I first arrived at the stadium. There was a pretty good sized crowd in attendance, I'd say about 30,000 or so people. If you notice in this picture (click to enlarge), the construction has still got a long way to go before being completed. This so called "Concrete Replacement Project" better get going in order to finish before September 2nd. About half of the lower bowl is completely torn up, and concrete is only in place in a few spots. Bill Martin wasn't lying when he said the two biggest cranes in Michigan were sitting in the Big House, those things were about 40 stories high. I was very impressed with the turnout for today. Lots of Michigan fans came out and showed their true maize and blue colors.

Now that the atmosphere is down, let's get into what I actually saw throughout my afternoon in A2. For about the first hour of the practice, different types of drills were run. I had the defensive line practicing right in front of me, so I got to see them very well. One thing that concerned me was that LaMarr Woodley was limping around and also didn't participate in any of the drills being run. Alan Branch did not impress me very much, he was getting thrown around, and later on was flattened by Adam Kraus when the offensive line came down to do some drills with the d-line. James McKinney looked very good, but during the scrimmage, left the game limping very harshly with an injury. I don't know what's in the water at these practice facilities, but the injuries are just ridiculous.

We finally got to see how Zoltan Mesko could punt if you didn't see warm-ups before last season's games. He should definitely be the starter this fall. There's no doubt in my mind. Ross Ryan's got a great leg for the kickoff game, but for punting he just doesn't compare. Ryan can get good hang time on his punts, but they don't reach very far. Mesko has the hang time and the distance. He had a punt that was so far today during the scrimmage that the crowd even gave him a big ovation.

The top third backs are Mike Hart, Kevin Grady, and then Alijah Bradley. Mike Hart didn't practice too much, probably just trying to stay healthy. Grady and Bradley got the bulk of the plays, along with Carlos Brown. Brown looked spectacular out there. He can really turn into a play-maker. I don't know which mindset I should be in after Carlos took a run to the house after breaking a few tackles... the defense either sucks, or Brown is something special. Let's stick with the second one. Brown also took some snaps in the backfield much like Antonio Bass did last year. He's got the speed to take those kind of plays all the way. Brown didn't work out at all as a defensive back from what I saw, but it's better if he just concentrates on running back.

At wide receiver, it was nice to see so many targets out there. Adrian Arrington and Doug Dutch were back for the first time since injuries last season. Both didn't do too much, but the important thing was that they were out there. Mario Manningham and Steve Breaston looked good. LaTerryal Savoy got lots of playing time today, and had a few good receptions. The best catch was made by Alijah Bradley during an out drill with Jason Forcier. Bradley had to dive with the ball coming from over his shoulder. Somehow Bradley made the grab for a standing "o" from the Big House crowd.

Garrett Rivas was doing his 15 yard kick drill down in my endzone, so I got a good look at him. Rivas looks as though he's trimmed down. Maybe Lloyd's message about dropping some weight got through to him. I wish his kicking was better though. On a 25 yard or so field goal attempt, Rivas completely shanked the kick, sending the ball flying way off to the left of the upright. Looks like we'll have another year of inconsistency at that position.

Last but not least for my observations is the quarterback position. I'm not trying to be really negative, but there was no improvement from last year in my mind. Chad Henne looked really bad out there today. During short passes he just smoked the pass right by the receiver, with no touch whatsoever on it. Many passes were also thrown to high or were off behind the receivers. Henne looked exactly like last year, maybe even a little worse. One thing that really scares me is that Henne now has the impression that he can run it whenever he wants. Henne took off at least 5 times when he couldn't see anybody. Eventually Henne is gonna get smashed if he keeps running like he did today. We just can't afford for him to put himself in such a vulnerable position. Jason Foricer, our backup for the season, looked ok. He had the short touch passes down much better than Henne. His running also looked good after a great rollout where he blew by the defense. Forcier disappointed me a little on the longer passes, overthrowing his targets by a good margin, but he doesn't have that much experience. Overall, I guess he did about what I expected. Jeff Kastl is our 3rd string guy, and didn't get many snaps in at all today.

Now that you've got what I saw, I'll tell you what I liked and didn't like.

Impressed me:
*Carlos Brown... Brown came out very fast and showed off his athletic ability with a few very good runs. Brown has only been here for a few weeks and already he's leaving a good impression in my head.

*Zoltan Mesko... Mesko didn't get a chance to show his leg off last year, but when the crunch time came during today's scrimmage, he certainly gave me a good taste in my mouth. Ryan was decent, but Mesko has got a cannon on his leg. He launched a 60-yarder down the field to draw a loud cheer from the maize and blue faithful.

*Alijah Bradley... Bradley has worked his tail off and it finally has paid off. Bradley, now a 5th year senior, has put himself in a position to get a hefty amount of playing time. Alijah has my support, and played very well today making some good runs and a great catch.

*Defensive Backs... The DB's looked very good today. All day receivers had their attempted catches contested. All were dressed except Brandent Engleman, and even Ryan Mundy has made it back to the field and made some very fierce hits. At the very end of the day, the DB's ran 100 yards, but had down-ups every 5-10 yards. That takes some athletic ability to survive.

*Fan Turnout... After a dismal 7-5 season, and so much in-stadium construction, I didn't expect as many fans to show up as they did today. The entire side of the stadium opposite to the press box was crammed full of fans. The fans were also very into it even though an actual game wasn't being played.

Didn't impress me:
*Chad Henne... The mechanics still aren't down it seems. Henne was missing receivers left and right, and was throwing it right by them. He also took off to run every now and then when he had a guy down field open. Henne must improve from now to the first game if we're going to be successful this season.

*Garrett Rivas... Rivas may have dropped some weight, but his kicks are still bad as ever. Shanking a 25-yarder into the crowd doesn't do much for me. Inconsistency is the story of his life, now as a senior he's worse then when first getting here.

*No Jerome Jackson... Jerome is conspicuously absent from the spring roster. I don't know if this is a direct effect from his attempted rap song, but it looks like he's not even in the doghouse, but off the team. Jackson filled in great last year, and even won the Iowa game in overtime. I'd like to see him back, I don't think it's fair to get rid of a player because of a rap song that wasn't even meant to be public.

*Injuries... It's not even the fall yet and already injuries are becoming a problem. 2005 was about the worse season I've ever been through injury-wise, and now it's looking like 2006 could be just as bad with the track we're on right now. As I stated earlier, James McKinney left the scrimmage barely being able to walk, and LaMarr Woodley didn't do anything at all today.

*Big Ten Officials... A very recognizable officiating crew from the Big Ten was there to get warmed up I guess. I knew the face, as we've been screwed over many times in the past by him, I just can't think of a name. But, LaTerryal Savoy got jacked out of a touchdown. He caught the ball and put it over the plane of the goaline for what should've been a TD, but the refs said he was down at the 1. It's the spring and already the crappy officiating starts.

Overall, it was a fun day. It's nice to get an early look at the 2006 team. Things will probably change greatly from now until August, but it's cool to get an idea of what to expect. Before today if you asked me my feeling for the 2006 season, I would've said very excited. Now, after seeing Chad and some of the other players do the same old things, my excitement level is back down to average. Don't get me wrong, I can't wait for the season, but I'm just a little concerned now.

The final spring practice was good though. Anything free involving Michigan football is a good result. The football news will be very limited now, the dry spell of the offseason is about to begin. Until then, read up, and go blue!
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