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A dyin' breed.
I really don't post too much here, but I've been reading since the beginning of the season. I'd like to say something about all of the angry posts about all of the mistakes OSU is making.

I read every couple of days, and Sundays after a loss is the worst. There are a handful of people who post consistantly after a loss, and their post is littered with swear words and harsh criticism. It's really depressing to read.

Look, I'm as passionate about this team as much as anyone. I also sometimes question things, such as play calling and playing time. But I don't overreact and lose my mind when they lose a game by a touchdown. This team has 114 players listed on the roster, and only 18 are seniors. 56 are freshman. It irks me when people complain about young wide receivers dropping balls, linemen missing assignments, and quarterbacks making bad reads.

I think we need to step back and look at where our team is. Sure, a freshman dropping a ball sucks. But a 19 year old freshman, playing on the road, dropping a pass over the middle... let's not crucify anyone just yet. Someone made a comment about Youboty coming off the corner to blitz on Saturday, saying he was trying to be a hero. I hope you aren't serious. Corner blitz calls come in from the sideline, it's not like the DB audibles to the FS, "Hey, pick up my man..." That was the comment that really lit a fire under me. And a QB making a bad read? Hell, watch the NFL on Sunday. Even the pro's do it.

I think alot of the negativity from around here stems from the simple fact that we have been very fortunate the last 2 years. We've gotten all the calls, smart, talented, experienced players, and been able to avoid the injury bug. Now that we are faced with a bit of adversity, let's take a minute and realize what Tressel is working with here, guys. Tressel has proven that he is a great coach, that can go unsaid. He just needs the right tools. And to take the dumb cliche a step further, maybe he has the tools, but they aren't ready yet.

For those of you who post with the negativity, I'm not trying to stir up trouble, I am trying to bring optimism, because it is clearly needed. This is going to be a very good team next year, and the year after. We have experienced players coming back, we have talented players coming off red-shirt years, and we have several commitments from promising young players. We aren't going to be in the national title hunt every year. I am always trying to be optimistic, and I think the key to that is to recognize a rebuilding year, and not-so-much lower your expectations, but understand when they lose games.

In closing, I would like to say thanks, this board is always a good read! Let's all represent this week for TSUN game, and support the Bucks from start to finish. Have a good week!


17-4 since 2001
Some people found ways to be angry during 2002. There will just always be those types of fans, no matter what team. I tell you one thing about this year...the Big 10 is as even as it has ever been. It seems like each team has been able to play with every other team. These kids give 110%, and I couldn't be happier about the situation at Ohio State today. I like where the football program is going. I like Tressel and I trust in him. I thought Cooper always had a bunch of good players, but when they needed to play like a team, they couldn't do it. Tressel has yet to have as much talent as Cooper had. We did have 14 players go in the draft, but that was because of a huge senior class...the 2002-2003 Buckeyes had a lot less to work with than the Buckeyes of the Mid to late 90s. But they played as a team. No team is perfect. There has never been a team that has been perfect. Even if they win all their games, one could always pull something negative from the team if they wanted to. There is always going to be some negatives for people to talk about if they want. Fuck M*ch*g*n!
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"Krenzel doesn't hit the open receiver"
"The line can't block"
and my personal favorite from BN, "I'd rather blows teams out 70-0 and lose one game, than win the championship Tressel-style"

scUM Blows.
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Just to clear something up which obviously bugged you. The reason people are upset with Underwood coming on the corner blitz "trying to be a hero" isn't because the blitz was called. It was because he didn't take his assignment which is the QB. When you come on a blitz like that, especially when you are coming from the secondary, unless football has changed a lot in the last couple years, you need to make sure the QB doesn't have the football before you go after the back. He didn't do that, and that is unacceptabe. Young or not, you shouldn't be on the field if you don't know your responsibilities, and act them out. He didn't, and it is those type of mental errors that have killed us all season.

Something else to consider is these kids are on scholarship at one of the great Universities, and college football program, in the nation. They have tallent and skill. If this was a pee wee football team drops passes, or makes poor choice, bad throws, mental errors, then you have to accept it as how things go. But mental mistakes are never acceptable, because to a large degree that is a lack of coaching. When a player makes a bad choice as to his pre snap read, or in the middle of an option play, that is coaching. The truth is I don't think T. Smith misread anything, I think he just was determined to throw the ball there. The pitch was just a stupid play where the play was dead and he tried to make something happen that just wasn't there. Not smart football, and that is coaching. The WRs made physical errors which to me is more acceptable, but you have got to make those catches if you want to play WR. The QB could have also helped that situation, but once again to me that is more acceptable, something that can be worked on in practice.

It's not that those of us who are extremely frustrated don't know how young the team is, we do, but that shouldn't be an excuse at Ohio State. New players come in every year, that is the nature of college football, but we are not getting great, or even adaquate play from hardly any of the new starters this season. This football team is unprepared. I blame the coaches, the senior leaders (Although we don't have many), and the players in that order for not doing the work in the off season, pre-season, game week to win these games. It is a mix of all three, and most of it has to land on the coaches because that is where the direction has to come from.

I am done however licking my wounds. It is Michigan Week and we have got to get it done. We have got to get the shoe rocking this week and scare those scUM freshmen to death.
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Yeah, whatever...
Originally Posted by KillerNut
The pitch was just a stupid play where the play was dead and he tried to make something happen that just wasn't there. Not smart football, and that is coaching.

Here is a perfect example of what I and other are talking about. EJ abandons his assignment. That is a fundamental, mental break down. <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:City><st1:place>Troy</st1:place></st1:City>'s pitch on the option was a guy trying too hard. He was trying to make a play. <st1:City><st1:place>Troy</st1:place></st1:City> didn’t run the wrong play didn’t abandon his role in the play.... that’s an effort error. Trying to make too much happen. He should have just taken the result of the play.... of course, had he made a perfect pitch and Pittman scores everyone then is shouting what a sensational play it was.... <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>


<st1:City><st1:place>Troy</st1:place></st1:City> made a couple of bad plays... he made some brilliant plays. Overall, <st1:City><st1:place>Troy</st1:place></st1:City> needs to have his best game Saturday. <o:p></o:p>

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Hall of Fame
That is option football, there is so much room for error and sometimes a QB thinks he can make a play he can't. Its often better for the QB to hold onto it and take the wall of defenders. I don't think you can attribute that to coaching. This was the first time I've seen them run those formations and they pulled it off well quite a few times. I like that style of football. There was a play where Smith made a pitch to Pittman right before taking a shot and we got some nice yardage. Keep things in perspective.
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I dont know if anyone else has posted this but Orton pulled of a tremendous play action on tht play. I know the assignment was blown by Underwood (no excuse)but it was the very def. of play action on Orton's part. Underwood gets the blame but Orton gets alot of credit for that play.

On the flip if, Underwood follows his assignment, if does'nt get the sack he only has to disrupt Orton for a spilt sec. and at least make them work the play.
Basically. much to our demise, Orton sold that play.( i hate that fucker)

And don't give me any of this "he (Underwood)was trying to be a hero" bull shit. Thats crazy talk. He read the play wrong and got burnt. No one feels as bad as that kid does over that play. To acuse Underwood of not being a team player is ignorant. If he makes that play the same stupid son of a bitch that accusd him of trying to be a hero would be calling him one. You can't have it both ways.

Time to forget it and move on. I have,(finally :) ) I just hope Underwood can let it go and focus on the task at hand.
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Yeah, whatever...
osugrad21 said:
Rob I would respond but I cannot understand what in the hell that post says...

COmputer puked on me.... lol

My point was I can live with physical errors or effort errors. Like a lot of coaches say, if your going to make a mistake make it at full speed. Troy made a bad choice in pitching the ball but he was trying to make a play within the general scope of the design of the play.... ie QB option.

EJ's error is much more problematic. EJ blew his role assignment. On a corner blitz your only responsibility is to get to the quarterback. EJ never went for Orton. If he does his job he absolutely would have SHELLED Orton. The most frustrating things is that it was 2-13 Orton would have had at least a 7 or 8 yard loss. Play discplined ball and PU is trying a 42 yard field goal which is no chip shot.

Our secondary was so banged up we had Mitchell, Underwood, Everett and Youboyt as the starting secondary. Im suprised that they played as well as they did in general. Losing Salley and Fox are big losses......
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Capo Regime
Staff member
Much better Rob...I was PMing people to find out if it was just me who couldn't read the posts :biggrin:

I agree with the fundamentals...it comes down to doing exactly what is coached. As I have said before, when guys start freelancing, units get in trouble. We have discussed the absence of a serious threat from the edges of this defense, but in all reality, Kudla and Fraser have played pretty good fundamental technique. The missing link is that extra athleticism that makes a good play into a great one.
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