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I have a couple of questions for the techies here.
1) I have been getting AOL for free at home so for sometime now because my in-laws were taking care of it and I could sign on under my wifes account. Now they have cancel it. I don't do much on the internet here and "other" sites and my computer sucks so it is not worth getting DSL. So what is a good inexpensive provider that runs decent?
2) I am looking at getting a TiVo for my DirectTV and wondering if theirs is the best system to get. I know that I don't need 80 hours of recording time so the 40 hour set is what I am looking for. But what does it intail getting done do I need the phone line, since I don't have it hooked up that way to begin with, also do they offer any specials for current customers. I really want the add 2 more rooms, a TiVO or 2 and a DVD burner so I can "tape" the games. So if I add the TiVO is it possible to record the games onto DVD instead of VHS?
I've been using Juno for years now on my laptop which I used to take to work with me and had roadrunner at home. Since we moved we got rid of high speed internet I've been using it on my home computer and it's been fine. I think Juno and Netzero are the same company but don't try the NetZero high speed or whatever it's called for 15 bucks amonth... my brother used it for a while and said it just the same as normal Netzero... Juno runs me $9.99/month.
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