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TE Rory Nicol (Official Thread)

We already got Hoobler from in
state so I'm ok with this pickup.
Now if we could just fill in the rest
of the class with guys like Incarnato,
Nick Smith, Cadogan, Kucek, Clowser,
and a few other ohio boys we could
finally tellZuttah, Mitchum, Lee, Bryant,
Lyons, and Hart we have no room for
them :nerd:
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Rory Nicol is on board

Thanks Buckeyeskins. Then this must be the kid that alot of people from Penn State and Pitt are upset about. I understand he was almost committed to Pitt but somehow changed is mind. I did not know who this was at the time that I heard it. He is supposed to be the 4th rated T/E in the country.
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Rivals has him rated as the #4 TE in the country.... insiders has him rated as the #2 TE in the country...

It is a very good pick up... we however lost out in the Massey battle... Massey is going to scUM :mad2:
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CONFIRMED: Rory Nicol Cited for Under-Age Drinking

I got into some trouble this weekend on campus and as I was sitting in the back of the police car, another cop walked up to the squad car and started talking to the officers in the car I was in about Rory Nichol...he got arrested on Friday night. It had something to do w/ a girl, and a minor attempt at resisting arrest...

I was kind of out of it, because I was dealing with my own drama...but I started paying attention to the story about half way through, and I then asked the cop..."what a minute, he got arrested?"...and the cop responded by saying "maybe" and smiling....a few seconds later, he mentioned something about when Nichol was getting his rights read to him about a little bit of a struggle and the fact that it had to do w/ a girl...

Hope he's not charged with any kind of sexual abuse...

If anyone takes this as me spreading rumors and doesn't think it belongs...you can delete it or lock it...but I figured I would share.

He was due to be back against Penn State, if he doesn't play next weekend...then that'll tell you he is definitely in trouble.
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He was due to be back against Penn State, if he doesn't play next weekend...then that'll tell you he is definitely in trouble.
No it won't. I don't recall seeing his name on the "Will be back for Penn State" list.....and if it was, other things besides being arrested can keep somebody out of a game.

I'll cautiously see if I can find anything out....although I don't know how you can ask a family member if their relative has been arrested without pissing people off.
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