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TE Jake Ballard (Super Bowl Champion)


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Duane Long- free article



Springboro Junior Drawing Interest From Colleges
By Duane Long
Date: Oct 15, 2004

Recently we've been telling you about some of the juniors to keep an eye on in the state of Ohio. Another is Springboro OL/DL Jacob Ballard, a fine athlete who is getting some interest from OSU and several other big programs.

In the junior class of Ohio talent, the offensive line is one of the positions that stands out the most. One player to keep an eye on is Jacob Ballard of Springboro, who could project as a tackle in college.

Ballard is a fine athlete who also used to play basketball on the same AAU team as sophomore sensation O.J. Mayo of Cincinnati North College Hill. Ballard could also play defense in college; he put up 88 tackles, six sacks, and 12 tackles for loss last season as a defensive end.

"I could end up on the offensive line but I would rather play defense," Ballard said. "I am 6-7 and about 245 right now."

Ballard recently got a first-hand look at Ohio State as he took in the OSU/Wisconsin game.

"It was pretty amazing," he said. "That was my first time there. The players and the coaches were impressive. The stadium was really something."

Ballard talked about the other schools he planned on checking out this year.

"I have been to Notre Dame," he said. "I was supposed to be at Iowa this weekend for the Ohio State game but I can't make it. I will likely go out there for the Purdue game."

What schools have been in contact?

"I have been contacted by Ohio State, Notre Dame, Alabama, Virginia, Purdue, and some MAC schools," he said. "Michigan has recently been in touch some."

Ballard already appears to be into the recruiting process, but he hasn't decided yet when he will make a college choice.

"I go back and forth on when to commit," he said. "I would like to get it over with so I can concentrate on my senior year but I also want to make sure I am making the right decision."

Ballard is rated as one of the state's top ten junior offensive line prospects in the November midseason issue of Ohio High, available on newsstands in November.

Ballard is a two-way player on an improving Springboro team. Different coaches tout his offensive (tight end) or defensive (end) talents and say he could be a big-time recruit.

TE/DE Jake Ballard, 6-7, 255, junior, started since he was a freshman, major-college prospect
Plays TE/DE at Springboro but is projected as an Olineman in college.
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This kid is HUGE. He is also a monster on the DL I have been to a couple of games this year and he was playing in the backfeild most of both games. He has a twin brother who is a middle linebacker that is all over the place, just a couple of inches shorter. From what I have been told ND is all over him too. So they might have the inside track but that was from a cousin who is in school with him.
I am just gald to see my alma mater getting some attention for a player. They also have a great FB by the name of Eddie Welsh/or Welch.
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Jake will make a great D-lineman in the mold of Simon Fraser. He has great footwork and has the frame to carry 300 lbs.

His brother Josh could also project as a D-Lineman and be able to put on about 50 lbs.
Both kids work really hard and love to hit. They are great kids. Tressel types.
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By Chris Nida...Jake has offers from Boston College, Cincinnati, Miami (Ohio), Indiana and Duke. OSU is clearly his leader. He will camp at OSU so the coaches can evaluate him. He was in Columbus for Junior Day.
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Versatile prospect Jacob Ballard of Springboro, Ohio will likely be one of the top overall players in the Buckeye state this year. Jacob recently added offers from Cincininati, Indiana and Duke. "He also recieved word from Michigan State that an offer will be arriving," mother Debby Ballard said.

Jake and his brother Josh, also a fine prospect, will be at Nike Camp in Ann Arbor and plan to attend Ohio State camp in June.

"Jake is keeping all options open, but continues to have a high interest in OSU," Debby Ballard said.
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Jake has offers from Cincinnati, Michigan State, Boston College, Indiana, Duke, Louisville and Miami of Ohio. He is receiving heavy interest from tOSU and ND. He plans on hitting the one-day camp circuit at OSU, Iowa, Louisville, Notre Dame and Michigan State and also going to the Nike Camp at Ann Arbor.
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By Bill Kurelic...Jake is up to seven offers from Boston College, Miami of Ohio, Cincinnati, Indiana, Michigan State, Duke, and Louisville. His top 3 right now is Indiana, Michigan State, and Louisville. Ohio State is his favorite, but he knows he need to perform well at camp to get an offer.
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