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I was just wondering if anybody had any information on what a Supplemental draft would be like for Maurice Clarret and Mike Williams if they aren't allowed in the regular NFL Draft? When would it take place and how do teams jockey for position to take them in that draft?

The Mongoose
This is my understanding of the supplemental draft. The draft itself would be held in I believe June. The order of picking is the same as the draft this saturday. That is, San Diego, Oakland, etc. etc. Each team has the option to "pick" or "pass." This goes on through 7 full rounds. Once a team "picks" they lose that round draft choice in the following draft. That is, San Diego were to take Williams with the first pick of the supplemental, they lose their first round pick next April. If evrybody passes on their picks until say the third round, a third round pick in the following draft is what they forfeit.
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actually the way I understand it is if the court reverses their current decision and rules in favor of Clarett and Williams then the NFL has 10 days from the day of that decision to hold a supplemental draft, the draft order is the same as the original draft and if they are selected the team would give up the same draft pick they use in the next years draft example if williams is taken in the first round the team would lose their first round pick the next year. I believe that is the way it would be, but the likely scenario is that the court maintains the current ruling and williams petitions to go back to USC and Clarett makes another bad decision and does not go back to OSU, his only other alternative would be to go up to Cananda to play for a year....

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This is total f*cking bullshit. First, some bimbo rules against the NFL, then some nimrod reverses that and grants a stay, and now that stay could get tossed, and everyone is trying to do so before the draft. Just make a final f*cking ruling already...
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and all the while the tzx payers are paying for these judges to hear all these cases... I wonder how many real cases these judges could have heard if it wasn't for this mess... and people wonder why the courts are so backed up...
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