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Suggestions as the site work approaches?


Will Bryant
Staff member
@jwinslow and I spoke about the front page recently, and we're on the same page in terms of tightening the front page a bit. I think I'm going to try to get more above the fold, condense a bit.

But what else would you all like to see this year (if anything)? Don't have anything in mind here, this isn't a leading inquiry, just an open call for ideas and suggestions that we might slide into place this Spring during the backend and front-end Upgrayedds.

Do tell here, with a nod to @osugrad21, @LordJeffBuck, @wadc45, @MD Buckeye, @jlb1705, and @BB73 in terms of anything you might like to improve presence, work flow, eyeball retention, etc.


Staff member
Tourney Pick'em Champ
Having searches sorted by date by default? It's tough to find something via search right now, even if the intended thread is a huge, very active thread.

Also, via pm I suggested whether there was a way to consolidate the front page relay articles into one combined thread after a day. This would help reduce their footprint and also create a neat concise archive of the daily news.
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Kevin Warren is an ass
I know this is very late but with regards to the Search function is there any way that the searches from the News forum could be eliminated from the results of the search. I do not use it that much but when I search by title I get an enormous result and they are not usually the "Official Thread" of the player/recruit I am searching for.
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muffler dragon

Bien. Bien chiludo.
Question: is it my PCs or something about the BP site that typically makes the loading of the front page take a significant amount of time?
It's similar to when I stop by RealClearPolitics.com as well; however, most other pages are pretty snappy.
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