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He's back and better than ever!
  • Okay So I was at work yesterday and I was making a drink at the bar. As I am making the drink I see these two girls who look amazing. I then here the conversation they are having and it goes like this

    Girl 1-Yeah I don't agree with Roe vs Wade

    Girl 2-Roe vs Wade, that has to do with seperation of church and state right?

    Girl 1-Yeah sorta of, it outlaws prayer in school

    Girl 2-Oh yeah, thats right Roe vs Wade did say no prayer in school.

    Girl 1-Yeah I just don't think it is a good idea to take away people's second amendment right.

    Girl 2- Yeah I think your right.

    At this point I walked away and shoved my head through a wall to make the pain stop.
    LoKyBuckeye said:
    at least they didn't think it was two different ways to get across a river.
    :lol: =

    On a totally unrelated note, my post count deserves a :evil:
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