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Stop the nightmares....


Juice, Full of Juice!!
All I remember from last years game other then losing and the choke was #77 living, and I mean set up a tent ,disrupt every freaking play, might as well just let him line up in our backfield. I am serious I have nightmares about that dude.
That game had to be the most frustrating in a long time... We could do nothing... and cold not stop the run to save our life.....

I want to see a physical, pissed off, fuck you ,fuck you and fuck you bad ass sons of bitches out there Saturday.... I want passion...I want to see them defend the shoe as if their life was on it. I do not care if we win 3-0 I want to see the piss and vinager this team has. I want see the charcter of these young men.... I want to see it in their eyes that no one, and I mean no obe come into our house and win. I want them to see them balls to the wall 60 minutes of hell assholes... come with the run again you SOB and I will smack you like last time. I want to see the focus... I want to feel tha passion.. that this team has, and boys I think this what we are going to get Saturday... I really do

to quote the notre dame coach in Rudy:

"No one...and I mean NO ONE...comes into our house and pushes us around."

It is going to take our gutsiest performance since the national title game to win this one. we have faced better football teams, but nobody is more physical than Wisconsin.
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I want this game so bad for this team. I want them to hurt Wisconsin in every phase of the game and send them back to Madison licking their wounds. I want to see some pride like a Woody team would have.

After that happens then, I want some of the fucking newspapers(especially Ohio ones that slam the team), know it all reporters(Trev and May), general neysayers, and the all around know more about football than Tressel asswipes that come on this board to shut their piehole.
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You know I never have understood why sometimes 1 single player on the defensive line usually beats Ohio State. Like the Castillo kid from NW and of course Hawthorne from Wisconcin. Wouldn't you think we'd just double team him and say ok we'll make the rest of you stop us? I think that'd be the smart thing to do. For some reason we just say ok Nick Mangold is going to tear him up. haha well we better double team the guy or I to will be make'n an ass of myself at the restaurant I'll be watch'n the game at.
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I was so annoyed the weekend before last as I was in Ohio for a wedding, Kenton, to be exact, where my wife is from, and my mother in law's sister thinks she knows everything in the world about football- and I played into college- so I think I do to. I have gameplan. I watch everybody play. She says, "Ohio State is horrible. If it weren't for the kicker they'd be 1-2." I said, "Not so fast, we're real talented, we're going undefeateed because the Big 10 ain't so good and we already beat one of the toughest teams we'll see all year in NC State." She says, "You're crazy. We're only going to win maybe three more games the rest of the year."

We argued and I got in her face and said we'd kill Michigan, and we have more talent than anyone.... And then.... Northwestern Happens... I'm real surprised she hasn't called me already.... If we lose this Saturday, my nightmares will really begin to become reality.

She's smug. She'll call me to gloat.
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This is going to be a tough one. Wisconsin's D line is the real deal. It's going to take more than a fuck you attitude to beat them.OSU doesn't physically match up with their front four. That's a fact. It's going to take some creative play calling and some shut down defense.

Take advantage of their defense's aggressiveness. I guarantee that they think they can shut OSU's offense out.

A fuck you-take no prisoners attitude will definitely help though. That Buckeye pride has to be smarting this week.
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He would be sooo good at it - He WOULD get them ready to go out and knock some heads!!! He was all fired up on the roundtable, saying he can accept losing but he cannot accept losing when you don't play with any heart and get outplayed physically. I hope someday he ends up as an assistant coach at OSU under Tressel - linebackers coach?
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bukIpower said:
You know I never have understood why sometimes 1 single player on the defensive line usually beats Ohio State. Like the Castillo kid from NW and of course Hawthorne from Wisconcin. Wouldn't you think we'd just double team him and say ok we'll make the rest of you stop us?
The problem with Wisky's D-line is if you focus on Hawthorne then James, Jefferson or Welsh will get ya. It may be the best front four we see this year.
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no more walking during a play would be nice....

This reminds me of something I noticed during the NW game, I think in the first half, where there was a play where J Richardson (I'm almost 100% positive) decided to give up. He started his rush and once he was blocked and the play started going away from him he gave up on it. He sort of walked/jogged over toward where the play was going. I was PO'd after seeing that kind of effort and thought that it could be a bad omen. The play didn't gain NW many yards but I couldn't believe the lack of effort! If anyone has the game recorded and wants to sit through the misery again then keep an eye out for it.
I read today where JT has stepped up the practices this week. It appears they did not have a good week of practices before the NW game. If the D-line gets outplayed like they did against NW then what are they going to do when they get to teams like Purdue, Michigan, Wisc etc?
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I am sorry I do not want to hear this shit..... None of it... We WILL go out and take care of ouf house... We will not let the best Big Ten D-Line push us around. We WILL hit someone on every play. Give up a big play we will not lose focus.. We will DOMINTATE the RH factor. The RH factor? We will RUN and we will HIT better then them on every play. We will leave nothing on the field. The coaches will call a good game and we will execute. There will be no excuses this week. We WILL win this game, we will do everything it takes.

This is our home bitches... this is our home you cock sniff cheese eating faggots!!! I hope you are ready to come in this house and get you teeth kicked in. Are you ready.. Are YOU READY.. ohh you better be..... The time is now... The time gets no better then this...Bring it.. BRING with all you have for 60 god damn minutes.. 60 minutes is all we want... 60 FUCKING minutes sell yourself out..... sell your soul to the devil if you must... 60 minutes I want each memeber to dominate!!!!!

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