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Status of Maurice Clarett ?


Hall of Fame
I understand that he is in class at Ohio State but is failing some classes. Others that I know have told me he will never put on an Ohio State uny, ever again.

And that the only reason he is enrolled is just enough to make it by - up to the time he can officially enter the NFL draft. Could this be true ? What a sad situation for the The Ohio State University to be in. If that is the case. Maybe I am all wet here. If i am, maybe some one can straighten me out. Thanks.
From what I've read, if he is on track with the requirements that Geiger and Tressal laid out, he will be back. Tressel wants him to return. I guess it will be a waiting game. The outcome of the NFL suit for Clarret to get into the draft is a factor also.
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He still has an inflated sense of entitlement and has a lot of growing up to do. I don't wish the young may ill but I do hope he no longer infects the program. I hope he gains entry to the NFL although I don't know who would draft someone who hasn't shown they can stay healthy.
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ZekeD have you spoken with Mo lately? Just wondering how you know he still has an inflated sense of entitlement and has not grown up.

edit- Here is Geiger's response as to if Mo would be able to practice in the spring:

"I don't think I want to get into a date, certain," Geiger said. "I think it's a possibility."
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Mo is doing exactly what he should do in his situation.

Follow through with the case. Let the NFL appeal. Go back and play college football this year and make yourself a sure fire firstround pick. Then, when the appeals are done and the NFL still loses, you have a claim for damages and actually could potentially claim damages for multiple years for salary of a #1 draft pick.

Essentially, he could get good money for playing college football next year by following through with this lawsuit. Why would anyone hold that against him?
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It was always inevitable.

MililaniBuckeye said:
"How are things looking with Mo now?

Yeah, no $hit."

Funny, I didn't hear anything about him delaring himself eligible for the draft yet.

I don't wish Maurice ill but I'm glad he is gone. You people who thought he would be back starting to see the light yet?
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