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St. Edward's Player's Eligibility in question

yeah, i heard this too. apparently they may have to forfeit 4 games for a player who didn't even start for them. hopefully, for the team's and for Boone's sake, this isn't the case and they won't have to forfeit. this seems to be their year for a run at the state title from what i've seen and i wanna see them play again when they come to canton for the finals!

i certainly have no inside information regarding the situation, but take this for what it's worth. a poster on the cleveland.com forums worked the math and figured that if they win out, they may still get enough computer points to barely slide into the playoffs with a 6-4 record. not sure if he knows his math, but that would mean that the season wouldn't be "over" for them.

edit: from reading the rest of the forums, it sounds like it was a transfer student who didn't get the paperwork filed. take it fwiw
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Top-ranked St. Ed might have to forfeit 4 wins
Tuesday, September 28, 2004
Eddie Dwyer
Plain Dealer Reporter
For St. Edward High School, a football season full of promise could be in jeopardy.

St. Edward, ranked among the nation's premier teams, might have played an ineligible player in four of its five games. The Eagles are 5-0 and No. 1 in The Plain Dealer's seven-county Top 25 poll. They were ranked as high as 15th in some of last week's national polls.

The player in question is a sophomore reserve who contributed sparingly in victories over Cincinnati St. Xavier, Lakewood, Central-Hower and Warren Harding. Last summer, he transferred from Rhodes High School in Old Brooklyn to St. Edward, a Catholic school in Lakewood. Rhodes is a member of the Cleveland Municipal School District.

In question is whether or not the proper paperwork was completed in order to assure the player's eligibility.

Under Exception 5 of the transfer by-laws set down by the Ohio High School Athletic Association, a student may transfer to a different school and be eligible if the superintendents of both districts enter into a written agreement that consents to the attendance, and specifies that the purpose of such attendance is to protect the student's physical and or mental well-being. The student is not eligible until declared so by the OHSAA commissioner after he receives the exemption form in Columbus.

The question that surfaced Monday concerned St. Edward's role in the transfer, and if the Eagles completed the necessary form.

Eugene Boyer, principal of St. Edward, said he received new information Monday afternoon.

As a result of the new information, he will be conducting an administrative investigation. He said he informed the OHSAA on Monday of his plans.

Boyer emphasized that because of his investigation, he could not comment on the "new information." But he said he could have a statement by Wednesday.

Meeting with his coaches and the team before practice Monday, Boyer informed the players of his plans and explained to them the worst-case scenario would be forfeiting the four games. Boyer said any comments from the school would come through his office, that his coaches and players would not comment.

OHSAA Commissioner Dan Ross was out of town and not available on Monday. However, Assistant Commissioner Deborah B. Moore confirmed the OHSAA was aware of the situation and discussed it with Boyer. Moore said the bylaws on transfers are very clear and that the failure to complete the proper process would result in forfeits. She did say there could be another exception, such as some type of deception in the transfer process by the player involved - like a falsification of a signature.

If St. Edward has to forfeit the four games, its chances for another memorable playoff drive could be halted. The Eagles were Division I state runners-up in 2003.

Under the OHSAA computer playoff system, a team is awarded points for every game it wins and every game a defeated opponent wins. The top eight teams in each of the state's 24 regions at the end of the regular season qualify for the playoffs. Although there is a chance a 6-4 record would be good enough to earn one of the lower spots in Region 1, forfeiting to St. Xavier and Warren Harding could hit hard. Both teams are 4-1.

"That is too bad, it really is, and I'll tell you why," said Warren Harding football coach Thom McDaniels, whose team was defeated by St. Edward, 45-12, Saturday night in Warren. "I have coached against some great teams, so I think I know a great team when I see one. And St. Edward is a great team.

"They are very good in all phases of the game. They have all the right parts to win it all. I feel badly for them."

Central-Hower football coach Tim Flossie, who guided many outstanding teams at Buchtel in the 1980s and 1990s, said if St. Edward is forced to forfeit, "it's a damned shame." Flossie added that if it were up to him, he would refuse the forfeiture points.
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As suspected... it's official... and it's a shame


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Eagles forfeit four wins for using ineligible player


[size=-1]Associated Press[/size]

<!-- begin body-content -->COLUMBUS, Ohio - Lakewood St. Edward, the unbeaten and No. 2-ranked big-school team in Ohio, will forfeit four victories for using an ineligible player, the Ohio High School Athletic Association announced Thursday.

St. Edward drops from 6-0 to 2-4 and will have a difficult time qualifying for the postseason playoffs.

The OHSAA, the sanctioning body for prep sports in the state, was informed by St. Edward administrators on Sept. 27 of the possible violation of OHSAA rules. The player in question did not meet rules regarding transfers.

"St. Edward administrators are certainly to be commended for informing our office about the situation and for conduction a thorough administrative review when it discovered the ineligibility," said OHSAA Commissioner Dan Ross. "Their actions were certainly honorable and I have sympathy for the players, coaches, fans and St. Edward community."

The all-boys school with an enrollment of just over 650 students will forfeit wins over Cincinnati St. Xavier, Lakewood, Akron Central-Hower and Warren Harding.

The ineligible student did not participate in wins over Maple Heights and Washington, D.C., Coolidge.

The forfeits will be reflected in the next OHSAA computer ratings on Tuesday.

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If the ineligble kid didn't play, then St Ed's shouldn't have to forfeit. And this is from a guy who graduated from Austintown Fitch who will benefit big time from this.
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Mili, he did play, but only in 4 games, which is why they only have to forfeit 4, not all 6 games. He was a reserve who only played because St. Eds crushed opponents and he got mop-up time in those 4 games.

edit: their record now stands at 2-4
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MililaniBuckeye said:
If the ineligble kid didn't play, then St Ed's shouldn't have to forfeit.
He played in the four games they had to forfeit... not in the two he didn't.. Plays special teams... or defense if they're up by a million...
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I wasn't even born yet.

Just asking b/c I played baseball with a guy from Austintown Fitch who graduated in 94 who ended up playing football at Bucknell I believe.

His name was Wally Hurdley.
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Actually, Fitch had already overtaken Ed's for the top spot in DI Region I this past week. I've heard that if Ed's wins out, they can still make the playoffs. What the heck kind of incentive would it be to finish first in the region and have to faqce Ed's in the first round ? Their last 4 games are
Massillon 3-3
Iggy 5-1
Moeller 5-1 and
Benedictine 4-2. If they win out, they Could make the playoffs. They're a very good team and it would be a shame if they didn't make it. But hey, rules are rules.
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If playoffs are determined by polls rather than by computers, then I'd like to see St. Ed's make the playoffs if they do win out, because based on what I've seen I do think they were trying to pull anything...looks more like a simple administrative snafu. However, if computers determine the playoffs without human polls playing a role, then I don't see how a 4-loss team can make it.
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