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i think i just heard some lady fart in the 20th row of yankee stadium....

has sloopy downed his second bottle of vodka yet???

ive never heard so many people....so quiet before...
god i hope so. it would be pretty pathetic of the yankee fans to be chanting it.

i have a feeling it was the yank fans tho.....it was "Who's Yoah Daddy?", not "Who's Yeah Deaddy?"

edit: maybe they were saying "Who's Puff Daddy?"
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BuckeyeNation27 said:
"I'm not sure I can think of any scenario more enjoyable than letting 55,000 idiots back into a game."
-Pedro Martinez
I agree - 55,000 people chanting "Who's Your Daddy" as their team marches on to their demise - the most profound and emberrassing collapse in American sports history - is pretty darn enjoyable.
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Di: "has sloopy downed his second bottle of vodka yet???"

Actually, it was 10+ beers, 2 glasses of White Zin (chugged), and a couple of Vodka and Tequila shots mixed in there. It was a bad night, but in retrospect, not as bad as Game 6.

Congrats to the Red Sox. They deserved it.
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AKAK: "I'd leave this out next time... nothing good can come of making that public..."

I actually took the wine from some chick sitting next to me in (about the Seventh Inning). It was her drink and she put it down on the bar, I picked it up and downed it. She got mad, so I bought her another one. As soon as she put that down, I chugged that one. Then bought her a third.

Not an easy night for the Sloop Doctor.
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