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Sopranos season finale tonight


I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
Who gets it tonight? Will Tony B. survive or will Tony S. take him out to please Johnny Sack?? I'm glad Ade was killed off last week... Christopher will really move up in the family after turning her in to Tony for being a rat. I guess her irritable bowel syndrome is the least of her problems now :lol: There seems to be a war brewing between Jersey and NY..... I think I'll put my money on Tony and the gang.

i got my money on tony soprano and little carmine getting together in some manner to take out johnny sac though i doubt it all happens tonight, but is set up for next season instead. my money is also on christopher getting to kill johnny sac.
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Hey look, I'm just glad the show grew some balls in the last episode. I'm looking forward to the show tonight like I haven't since ... not the last season, but the one before.

I'm not sure how much more of the Carmella Soprano show I could take. Can't wait for heads to start rolling.
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I agree with VG about next year. I think Christopher takes out Tony B tonight and will be more than happy to do it. I think this season has been a lot better than last year. I still don't get the whole bear thing, but that's just me.
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i was hoping during the bear episode that carmella would be all freaked out by it and tony would come over and they would be talking about it. then the bear would make his re-entrance and tony would say, what, this fucking bear and just shoot the shit out of it. then carmella would say tony, the animal department (or whatever the fuck they are called) is coming over and it is illegal to shoot this bear let alone discharge a firearm here. then it would be a race situation, tony would have his boys come over and get rid of the bear at satriale's meat market and have to clean up the evidence before the cops would get there. sadly the episode just sucked instead. oh well.

p.s. deadwood is better than the sopranos anyways.
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Deadwood better than the Soprano's-wow-you are about the first person I have come across who thinks any HBO show is better than the Sopranos

I think Tony is going to cap Frankie Leotardo and tell Johnny Sack to stay the fuck on his side of the river. I think the whole dream episode, and Tony moving back in was designed to put an end to the psychological issues and allow Tony to concentrate on business fully, instead of psychotic mothers and goomahs.
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don't get me wrong, i love the sopranos, but deadwood this season is better than this season (or last) of the sopranos. hell i own all the sopranos on DVD and i have all of this season on DVD as well as on my tivo still. the sopranos was the only reason that i subscribed to hbo (well, that and curb your enthusiasm). now i got another reason. al swearengen has the best use of foul language in film in years. the actor that is swearengen will win tons of awards for his job.
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I'm not sure HBO has any bad original series.

Love Deadwood, the Sopranos stands up on its past, and the promise for the future based on the last episode. Even when it's been bad, it's still one of the best things on tv. I loved OZ. Six Feet Under is cool, Carnivale is solid. I mean, they just don't make bad television. I definitely think Curb is one of the funniest things on these days.
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I'm not sure HBO has any bad original series

I didn't like Carnivale. I seemed like something big was going happen every week but then nothing did. I kept waiting and waiting and waiting.... nothing. Six Feet Under, The Wire, Sex in the City and Curb Your Enthusiasm are all very good shows. My favorite HBO series is OZ.

I think Deadwood is a great show. I still like the Sopranos more but I think it's because we (the viewers) have so much invested in Tony and the families. There's a lot of action on Deadwood... lots of people being put in pine boxes :) If Tony and Carmela separate again I think she might be the one who kills him to end the series next year... he goes off and smacks her around a little bit and she shoots him with one of those hunting rifles that they made us aware of in the bear episodes....who knows, it's just a theory :) .
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BuckNutty said:
So next year is going to be the last year for Tony and Co.??

Yep... 10 episodes and the series will be over. Rumor has it that they won't air until fall 2005 or even spring 2006 at the latest. The only bad thing about the show is the time between seasons.
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stx -- good call on the Wire. That's one of my favorites on HBO right now. But then I'd say that about a few of these shows. Don't know how I forgot it.

Getting off HBO, I also really like Dead Like Me on Showtime.

HBO has the new show coming soon as well, Entourage. Can't say I'm just blown away by the premise, but I'll watch it because HBO hasn't let me down yet, going back as far as 1st and Ten, or whatever that football series was like 800 years ago.

Mind of the Married Man was something I enjoyed, and it made "Happy Ending" a household phrase. Much like OZ did for "Salad Tossing".

Has a tv show ever done more as a crime deterrent ever? I mean than OZ? Adebisi alone ensured I will forever walk the straight and narrow.
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