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Some NCAA football players getting paid to underperform


Loves Buckeye History
Staff member
'16 & '17 Upset Contest Winner
Apr 28, 2004
Outside Chicago
When I saw the article I didn't post it.

But I knew someone would, and that folks would start speculating like this. Groundless speculation due to some college players making mistakes on the field is not something I want to participate in. If you're thinking about it, please think twice before adding any more Buckeyes to this undignified list.
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The Most Power-Drunk
Feb 24, 2004
Sunbury, Ohio
Harlan Jacobs definitely blew the LSU game in 1841. It was obvious the way he missed all those field goals.

Rampant undocumented speculation like this is in no way positive, nor can it have any positive effects. There is no point to this. I understand it coming from Tibor, but come on, folks, let's give our guys in the scarlet and gray some credit.

Nixon, we have had our differences, but this is one thread where I will applaud you're heralded defense of our Buckeyes.
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