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Smoking crack on PTI....

Wilbon on pot?

Did i just hear that fucking moron just say Notre Dame and Ohio State are fighting over Urban Meyer? "There are rumblings out of Columbus" he says?

can you actually kill somebody and use the defense that he was too stupid to live?


edit: Can somebody merge my post with stxbucks?
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Yeah, I hear him say that. Wilbon is very good but he does work for ESPN (in addition to the Washington Post) and even the best gets fed some shit once in a while.

I'm sure there is some asshole out there starting something. Must be because he is from Ashtabula. My home town. A great place to be FROM.
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MililaniBuckeye said:
Yeah, who wants a head coach with a 39-11 record, a national title, two BCS bowl wins, two top-4 finishes, and three wins in four games against Michigan? :roll1:
i agree, its shocking tressel is still around after displaying such blatant incompetance. what more does geiger need to fire this guy already!?!?!?!????


fire tressel... *snickers*
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Come on, guys. We are obviously going to fire JT because everything ESPN has reported is 100% correct. This means there will be an opening for head coach at OSU and Meyer is on a jet getting ready to sign the contract of a lifetime.

Someone please check the endzones to see if they have been painted.
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