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When people post, is it taking them back to view all the threads? I'm going to I can see my post, but that means I have to either go back or click on the thingies at the top to get back. If it is a general thing, I like the idea of after a post going back to the screen showing all the threads. Just a thought.
I don't want to be critical of the site because I think it looks great, but I'll second DK's idea. It would be cool after you post to go back to the screen showing all threads.
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Guess what? Bucknuts now is doing what this site is currently doing (going back to the thread that you posted to), instead of going back to the main menu like it used to (like DK and BN are suggesting).

Personally, I always go back to my post to see if I made any errors (despite using spellchecker and rereading my post before I submit it, I still find errors once I reread it in its submitted format), so how this site is working now saves me a step. But, that's just a personal quirk. If we end up going back to the main menu after submitting a post, that's fine by me too...whatever the majority wants.
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I'll go with Mili & KentSt. I always take a look at my post to see what I missed. Reading it contextually always turns up something that spell check missed. Also, the preview function shows the post in a wider form than it will be in the actual thread (because of the left column with signature, avatar. etc.). This sometimes leads to mistakes in line breaks and formatting being overlooked. That's my personal opinion, but it's not a big deal for me.

I know some people just like to post and get on with things (not too concerned with minor typos). For them, going back to their post once again is probably an aggravation.

BTW, these type of posts (board operation questions) should probably go in the "Varied Interests" > "Administrative" section of the board. I think that's what Coach wants us to do. No big deal just yet with the limited number of members though.
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There's an option in your user settings to adjust how you see the time. The board itself defaults to GMT -5 (East Coast (Ohio) Time), and people in other time zones can adjust accordingly.

However, we had some problems with the time settings early on, and if you joined before we finished tweaking them, you may need to adjust now.
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I've temporarily removed "My Team" from the postbit (area to the left of posts with username, location, post #, etc.). The field is still filled when people register, and should we ever get a sizeable population of people from other teams, I can re-enable it with a couple quick keystrokes.

I've also added IM icons (for those who list their Yahoo, AOL and/or ICQ info) in line with posts as another means of promoting communication and interactivity. Let me know how you feel about it. Like anything else if it's unpopular I'll remove it, but I thought it was kind of a neat (who says 'neat'?) addition.
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Plese disregard my previous post. Dumbass me, "thought" I put my user name under Yahoo but upon further review, I had it in the AIM slot. Please forgive my ignorance. I like the icons.
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I like the way you are sent back to view your post... However if you want to read another thread, you need to keep hitting the "back" button (kind of a pain, but if the board likes the current format, I have no problem doing what I've been doing).

When this place gets rockin' it will be nice to see what schools everybody is a fan of, for now I guess it doesn't really matter, seeing as how we are all OSU fans...
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Not sure what you mean by having to hit the back button, but honestly, if anyone can suggest ways to further streamline the board and improve functionality, I'm all for trying to figure out ways to implement.

Right now, there are also means to jump forums at the top and bottom of each page of a thread. This one has 'BuckeyePlanet Forums > Football > Buckeyes > Site question' at the top, and a pull-down at the bottom allowing access to all other areas.

I tend to click on the BuckeyePlanet logo a lot to get out of threads. If you're in a couple pages deep, hitting that instantly takes you back out to the main board area which displays the different forums.

I'm absolutely going to re-enable "My Team" at some point, I was just goofing around with that tempate (there's now a thin white border around usernames -- what can I say, I like the little details), and decided to just 'comment out' that field as everyone here is OSU. Given the initial (and quick) reaction to its removal, I'll probably stick it right back in this afternoon since no one really had any problems with it to begin with.
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