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Seattle WR Mike Williams (official thread)

I think this is a shock to no one. He seemed to have the most talent of those not before eligible for the draft. The only reason I thought he might stay is because WR seems to be a little deep in the draft. Of course, this guy was one of the top WR's before the court decision.

Now we just have to wait to see what idiot comes out way too early.
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Does anyone think MoC listening to his mom in these matters is a good thing? LeBron and Iverson have very vocal mothers, but their talent is way above MoC's. This guy is quickly working his way down the draft board.
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Sears that is a good possibility for MJ and a few others. Players like Clemson WR Derrick Hamilton are probably wishing they would have decide to stay for their senior year now that Fitz and Mike Williams are in the pool also.
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If he's a sophomore and has played two full years, then I can see him in the first round. There are a lot of great receivers who have put in their three or fours years at the college level, however, so you never know.
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