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I was out in about with my wife and kids today, and saw a never ending stream of people wearing their maize and blue. It wouldn't bother me if I lived in Michigan, but since I live in the Dayton area, it is really annoying. Does Ohio have the second most Michigan fans beside Michigan? Or does it just seem that way.

I had my Ohio State hat on. Probably should have said congrats or something, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.
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for some reason, UM has fans all over the country. my old college roomate lives in arizona and he says you can't swing a dead cat without hitting a michigan fan.

i think a lot of it has to do with the fab 5. kids everywhere loved those meatheads. i'm ashamed of them personally, but before all the poo hit the fan, they got a lot of recognition around the US.
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I think there are also a lot of people that just like scUM gear. Stores around here carry a lot of Michigan gear, way more than OSU stuff, despite there being a huge OSU contingent here, and almost no Wolverine fans. Michigan gear sells well, including in circles of people who wouldn't know a Wolverine from a Spartan -- they just like how it looks.

Not saying that's a bad thing per se, you just don't see all that many people sporting an OSU hat "just 'cause".
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It's kind of funny. I haven't seen much Michigan gear on folks for about a year here in Central Ohio. Sure some people but not like it has been during the Cooper years. But today I saw 7 or 8 different people sporting their M stuff. Oh what 1 win will do for people.
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I can give a report from behind enemy lines. The shirts, sweatshirts and flags appeared in abundance as soon as the game was over yesterday. We were out and about last night and I saw numerous cars with the little flags flying proudly and plenty of the michigan faithful wearing their shirts and sweatshirts. They were out stronger and more present than before, due solely to the win over the Buckeyes. One win over the Buckeyes and the fickle fans are back on the bandwagon.
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I saw it in Wisconsin today too. I went to the Packer game at Lambeau and saw at least 3 or 4 people with scUM jackets/hats on and one car in the parking lot was flying a flag along with a Packer flag. No big deal here...... but I have lived here for 5 years and I don't see Michigan fans a whole lot but all of a sudden they appeared out of nowhere. Beware scUM fans, your bandwagon is getting full :roll2:
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we have a ton of fans that show up at times when it's easy to fans. it's something we have dealt with forever. the real fans don't pay any attention to those at school, work, the gym, etc. that never seem to be interested in the U until something cool happens. we know who they are.
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Also being behind enemy lines I have noticed the fickleness of the UM fan.

Many have no association of any kind with UM, not to say all OSU fans do. However, most people in Mich are UM fans unless they went to school at MSU.

If you win they will say "UM is not that good this year", but when they win they are the greatest thing since sliced bread......
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Being from Toledo I've tried my whole life to get away from Michigan fans by moving south. Went to University of Dayton and lived with a Michigan fan for two years. Moved to Cincinnati and saw the most Michigan fans this weekend than I've seen in my 6 years here. Looks like I'll have to live with it as my wife says no more moving south, refuses to live in Kentucky. I don't know who's worse some Michigan football fans or Kentucky basketball fans.
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