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Scholarship Breakdown by Position and Recruiting Class


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I wanted to provide a long overdue clarificatino that I have not been updating this table for some time (since one of the BP upgrades put it beyond my limited technical capabilities). That honor now falls on Mili - who has been doing a wonderful job and deserves full credit.

This table displays players by position (row) and year of eligibility (column). They are color coded by recruiting class. The number in front of each name is Jersey number and behind is Insider's Star rating.

The 'casualties' row at the bottom includes any player who at some point comitted to OSU but either did not attend or left the team prior to completing his eligibility or leaving early for the NFL.

Current commits are in the far right column.

The 'Number' in the small box under the table identifies the number of schollies still available for the current recruiting class.

This thread is closed - please PM any changes or suggestions to Oh8ch, who will update this chart as appropriate.

Click here for chart
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Another issue.

Gholston, Rehring and Freeman are all likely candidates for medical RS - which would make them Sophs again. My understanding is that the team can't request a medical RS until their senior year. Maybe it is the end of the season of the injury - I'm not sure.

Since a primary purpose of the chart is to see who is leaving when, perhaps we should put an * next to these guys as likely RS candidates. (Not that Gholston and Freeman are likely to hang around for 5 years in any case.)
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Shifted the 2006 class over to the Freshman column and opened the recruits columns for the 2007 class. Added the Oliver commit.

Oh8ch initially made the changes, but we're still having formatting problems, so I updated the chart on my site...

EDIT: Oversight on my part...Grant should be listed under Juniors since he has only 2 years of eligibility. I'll update that tonight when I get home. Also need to verify that Pettrey and Pretorious are indeed on scholarship.
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Been negligent is keeping this up to date. Added the Saine and Evege commits and updated Haw's release from scholarship. With Haw's release, we now have 17 available scholarships for this class, with 14 remaining after our three current commits.
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Getting inundated with PMs saying Roberts is gone to Indiana State. I'll remove him tonight...still makes no change in available scholarships since he's a senior.

EDIT: Moved Roberts down to the "casualty" portion (as I did earlier with Haw).
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I'd probably take B. Underwood out of there. No sign of him being back on the team. Also not sure why Chichester is on there. He was decommitted long before LOID. If he's there, so should Kennedy and Morgan, and imo none should be. Only those that signed LOI's.
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Updated with Clifford commit (also Torrence's, which I had overlooked). Also note that due to the disabling of HTML in the posts, the chart can no longer be displayed within the post like it was before (IFRAMEs won't work now). Just click on the link for the chart...
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Made some additional updates, thanks to inputs by Tresselbeliever who reminded me of the "new" jersey numbers for Amos, Hartline, Patterson, and Russell, and by BB73 who noted that former walk-ons Franzinger, Harden, Robinson, and Whaley are now on scholarship. Kudos (and reps) to both...
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Look what the dipshits at Scout.com have done:

Blatant ripoff of Oh8ch's chart

I think it's time to take some copyright infringement action...

By the way, the chart has been updated with Rocco's commitment, and I've opened the thread up so folks can rep Oh8ch and compliment him on a concept so good that a major commercial website decided to blatantly copy...
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