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Say it Ain't So, Trev!?!


Jason (Boaz, AL): Trev, which will be a bigger factor in Michigan's success this season: replacing John Navarre or Chris Perry?

Trev Alberts: (2:07 PM ET ) I think it's Chris Perry. You could argue this point all day. But I grew to respect Navarre more and more last season. Throwing a new QB in there with a not so great running game is tough. I have OSU winning the Big Ten even though Michigan may have the best receivers in the country.
Wow... Not only did Trev 'pick' tOSU, but he was right on the money with the Navarre/Perry thing.

Something is very very wrong...
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Maybe they drugged him? Or maybe when he's not being the ESPN hype machine he's reasonable? I don't know. I can say I can stomach Trev a hell of a lot more than Mark May. May is a complete goober.. after OSU beat Purdue on "holy buckeye" this is what May had to say:

"Ohio State got lucky. They don't even deserve to be ranked" Yes, he said "don't deserve to be ranked..." Not "ranked #2" Not "ranked in the top 5" Ranked... as in, at all.. Guy's a friggin schmo.
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Here's a couple more tidbits. Sounds like he is pretty high on tOSU this year.

Chris (Columbus, OH): Trev, I know you've received a lot of flak from Ohio State fans recently, but this fan is truly interested in your opinion of OSU's upcoming season. Can they reload and win the conference?

Trev Alberts: (2:06 PM ET ) I have to say I"ve looked at OSU this offseason and I understand they have lost a lot of talent. When you make picks you have to decide how you are going to look at the season .. if you just choose the two best teams it's OU and USC. But asking who will play in the championship game is a different story. I think OSU looks very pretty sitting where they are right now. They have a palatable schedule and they get Michigan at home. This team has always been based on great defense and it will be outstanding again this season. I have to tell you, and I'm not just saying this, it clearly comes down to OSU-Michigan. I do not think the Big Ten from top to bottom is all that great. I may be in the minority on that but I just don't see it. Iowa could be decent, Minnesota could be decent, etc. But only one starting QB is returning in the Big Ten. It's just not a great conference. Probably the third or fourth best in the country.

Ryan (Milwaukee): Trev, it seems that every year one of the teams in the national title game comes from outside of the preseason top 10 (LSU, Ohio State, etc...). Any predictions as to who that team could be this year?

Trev Alberts: (2:16 PM ET ) Well, OU went from 7-5 to undefeated national champions. I think Cal is doing some good things and is a team to watch. They have to go to USC which could prove difficult. I think W. Virginia has done a tremendous job. I throw Ohio State in there. They are at a point now where they are pretty sound. Even Florida. A lot of these young guys should be stepping up and that team should show marked improvement. I'd throw Clemson in there as a team that might be ready to take another step. You never know about Iowa. Who would have thought they would have won 10 games without Banks? There are a number of teams that are fringe good teams that if they get a good break they could do something special.

Trev Alberts: (2:17 PM ET ) This is why college football is the best sport hands down. The NFL it is very easy to see who the best teams are assuming everyone stays healthy. Not so easy in college football.
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I'd love to hear him say that on TV, with that stupid grin on his face. At what point do he and May openly admit that everything they do, the banter, the arguing, the wild predictions, etc. is all an act to try and get more people to watch them?
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I will say I'm getting tired of the old "big ten is down" BS... Big 10 has had more teams ranked at the end of the season than pretty much every conference for years now.... In 02, B10 was "down" and sent OSU and Iowa to BCS bowls won 6 of seven bowls as well (or was it 5 of 6, 5 of 7? SOmething like that), won the NC... 2003 We sent two teams to BCS games - OSU and Mich... Our bowl record has been respectable - although sending Northwestern to a bowl last year was a mistake..

I guess I just don't understand why it's so fashionable to say "the big 10 is down this year" in light of on the field performance.
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Trev can think clearly now that no games have been played. Like many other idiots, Trev uses the logic that if tOSU barely beats team B and team C clearly beats team B, then team C will absolutely beat tOSU. His brain isn't good enough to account for any other possibilities, that is why he speaks in such absolutes. Not to mention he only considers what happens in each teams last game.

Actually Trev is just trying to entertain the fans, but he really does lack the ability to understand that college football teams are not 100% consistant and that some teams match up differently than others. God, I hope we don't have to listen to this guy till he is as old as beno cook.
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If some have noticed in the past season Trev has actually started to lessen his critism on OSU. I believe that this is from a combination of harking from OSU fans and growing respect for what Tressel has done. At first I believe that Trev thought that we were lucky. Last season we continued to win the nail biters and he figured that we may be on to something. Mark May is the genuine asshole of ESPN, Trev still is not high on my list but he is better than some. He stopped acting like a cowboy last year and actually did research on some squads. He's getting better.
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I remember at some point last year, trev actually said he's officially on the OSU bandwagon now. He got tired of picking OSU to lose, only to see them win and make him look silly. He is still annoying in my book, but may is the one that makes me want to stick sharp things in my ears!:hatepc: :hatepc:
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