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Rumor mill -- how does this balance off what you all know?


Will Bryant
Staff member
"As far as UM, Charlie Jones and Willie Williams are definite silents. They've liked UM all along and are just along for the ride. It wasn't that hard to guess that these guys were silents all along. Sorta like Teddy Ginn being an OSU silent. We allegedly have some more silents from the state of Florida but I won't know about them until after we play Pitt. Brian Toal , LB out of NJ is REAL high on us. He's definitely not a silent but we're looking good right now. With Gore going down with an injury, we still have a better shot at Adrian Peterson and Samson Taylor , both out of TX. I know Taylor was talked about a bit on Bucknuts and his father posts occassionally giving updates on Samson on Grassy. Washington could move to WR or even LB on D if he didn't win the starting spot or some playing time next year."

This is all through a Canes/Grassy guy I talk to with good contacts. I haven't been following recruiting this year as closely as I did in others (on purpose), but there are certainly names in here I'm well aware of. Can't say I'm shocked by any of it, but I thought it was good enough to post here to see how people felt.

If any of you has a question about any recruit in Florida as they related to either OSU or Miami, I'd be more than happy it pass it along.

As with anything else, take all of this with a grain of salt. Nothing is certain until it's a matter of history.
The comments on Williams and Jones are most likely accurate. I find it hard to believe Miami will land Bobby Washington, Charlie Jones and Adrian Peterson. It's too bad Peterson has never really looked at OSU, he's a great player.

Clarity, if you know this guy I would like to hear what he knows about Jackie Claude, an OL from Miami Edison(I believe it's Edison). Several Cane fans on the BN board claim he's just waiting for a UM offer although he has listed OSU for a while as his favorite. We could certainly use some offensive line recruits.

Following recruiting helped me out a lot during the whole fiasco with #13. I couldn't stand reading about that stuff over and over and the recruiting board was an escape. It's too bad the recruiting board over here isn't that busy. Recruiting and Duane Long is what originally attracted me to Bucknuts and eventually to the boards.
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I don't know if Williams and Jones are "silent", more like they know where they are going, but jsut haven't told anyone, just to go through the process. No doubt it will be UM. Also when he refers to us, he means miami right?
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Here's what I got back regarding Claude;

"Well I couldn't really get too much out of my source but I'm getting the feelign that even if Miami offered, it will be tough for us to get him. You guys are definitely looking good. But again, it's fairly early so anything can happen. But thats' the feeling I get from the person I talk to."

Obviously there's nothing solid there.

Yeah Hubs, everything italicized is writted from a Cane perspective.
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