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You kids stay off my lawn!
I was hitchhiking home from OSU when I learned of the assassination of John Kennedy. My enduring memory of the funeral is of Black Jack Pershing, the riderless horse, proud and prancing, accompanying the caisson that bore JFK's casket.

I return to DC most Veterans Day and often stay at Ft. Myer, the post where all the service's honor guards are maintained and I have taken the tour of the stables several times. The young enlisted whose duty it is to escort remains to their final resting spot at Arlington take their duty seriously and serve with pride. You can tell they love their work and extend that love to the horses they take care of and who work with them to honor our fallen.

Last night's PBS News Hour ended with a beautiful story regarding two of the horses. It's heart warming and touching, but keep the Kleenex close by - I got a lump in my throat and a tear or two might have leaked out.