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Reputation Points Question


Hating the environment since 1994
  • I had a poster e-mail me today about my low reputation points. He said there was a comment about me being Michigan sympathizer.

    I'm here to say that is absolute HOGSHIT!!!

    Michigan can go to hell and then I'd take a dump on them for good measure.

    Where can I find these comments and why the hell would someone write that?
    Hold your cursor over the little green light at the top of your post.

    That isn't what someone wrote about you... It is your reputation level. You are assigned a certain number of points based on how many people said they approved of your posts vs. how many said they did not. Your level is low so it talks about the "state up North".

    Press the "User CP" link near the top of your page to read the individual comments people wrote (if any).
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    Thump, see the little green "gem/ruby" next to your post total? That's your "reputation" points. As the point total goes up you get more little gems/rubies. As you point total goes down the gem turns gray (not green). Hover your cursor over top of the "gem" and it will tell you what your reputation total is. You can also go to your "User CP" to see what your reputation level is and what comments (if any) people made.

    The reputation points are earned (good or bad) when other members click on the little icon at the bottom of your posts. The Icon is a little box with a "check mark" and an "x" in it. You can click on this icon for any member and give them positive or negative points (you also have the option to leave a comment). You can't change your own totals.

    Last I had heard the points equated to titles like this:

    User is pure scUM -999999
    User has scUM sympathies -50
    User vacations in The State Up North -10
    User is a Buckeye prospect 10
    User is a Buckeye verbal 25
    User is a redshirt 50
    User is on the scout team 150
    User is in the two-deep 250
    User made the starting lineup 350
    User is has a helmet full of Buckeyes! 450
    User is all Big Ten 550
    User is All American 650
    User is a first round draft pick 1000
    User is a Hall of Famer 1500
    User is Tressel-like 2000

    I believe a positive "vote" from someone gives you 10 points. I think a negative "vote" subtracts 4 points, not too sure about that though.

    EDIT: Others have given the correct info. BTW, my list of points and titles are WAY off. My rep says I have a helmet full of Buckeyes, but I have no where near 450 points. Maybe Clarity can post the latest info. on reputation points.
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    Thank you for clearing that up!
    That is an interesting feature.
    I had never paid attention until now.
    Are the points anonymous?

    Now do I use the power to pummel people who disagree with me or give them points for a well thought out discussion?

    I always appreciate a heated but polite disagreement.
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    bucknola, yes the reputation points are anonymous, BUT when you give them there is an area for you to leave a comment. You can leave a comment (or not) and include your name if you so choose (or not).

    Another point. The board will NOT let you give consecutive reputation points to the same poster (I believe this works for either the positive OR negative points). This prevents folks from having a "reputation affair" with another poster to artificially inflate your points.

    Further, I think the reputation points should be used wisely. I would advise posters not just give them "willy nilly". Give them for posts you see as good (better than your average message board post). Don't give bad one unless you really feel the post is poor. I believe it would be an injustice to give negative points soley for a simple difference of opinion (political or otherwise). I think this feature is a really good tool. In the short term it doesn't really reflect very much, but in the long run it will be an easy way for members to see how the board (as a group) views certain posters. At Bucknuts too much credit is given to members just because of a high post total. And, too little credit is given to members with a low post total. As a general rule this works, but there are instances where a post total doesn't reflect a members percieved value. This feature will give you an insight regardless of a member's post total ... very cool.

    Lastly, there is another seldom used (probably unknown) feature of the board. If you click on someone's moniker (to view their personal profile), you can leave notes about that person. I'm not sure how this was finally implemented, but the original plan was that the user could NOT read the notes left in his own personal profile. That way anyone (except the member who's personal profile contained the notes) could read what others had written about that member. Again, another way to get a general insight into different members. I'm not sure how that feature was finally implemented by Clarity. For all I know you can read any notes that anyone may have left in your profile.
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    You know, I was thinking I might get that response Mili. :biggrin:

    In any event, most of these features are not overly important to members who are on the site regularly. They will know who they like/dislike, and why, just though experience. I think the tools are really important for new members and infrequent visitors. I think it will also be helpful for members who only visit certain sections of the board (Recruiting for instance) infrequently. When they do visit that board they'll be able to tell what posters to put more trust and credibility in.
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    Thanks again.
    You give us the tools to build a club house and some of us will end up beating each other over the head with the hammer.:wink2:

    I checked my CP and one person was kind enough to leave a clue as to who/whom they were. Again in polite but heated discussion.

    This thread has made me chuckle as much as any other.
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