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Recruiting Notes (NCAA 2005)


It's time to bring it!
Recruiting this year is definitely different, but seems very cool. Here are a few of my observations (I did one recruiting session on AA without recruiting assistance):

1. Fewer 5-star ratings. It looks as though there are still plenty of highly rated players though. I recruited like the 31st CB and he was a 76 OVR w/ 97 SPD. To put it into perspective, TG2 is a 78 OVR w/ 97 SPD.

2. Scouting- Scouting a player will provide immediate feedback. It will show any changes to their 40 time, bench, squat, etc. You can scout someone and then decide if you want to recruit them during the same turn, very cool. Scouting uses fixed costs: ie. Ohio player = 5 points, PA player 10 points, etc.

3. Pipeline feature appears to be in effect from the start of the dynasty based on the current roster. For instance, since Ira was from NJ, I had interest from several players in NJ, and recruited at least one from there.

4. Point usage is very different. First you have to allocate the points from your budget pool (I think I did 40% recruiting, 35% training, and 25% discipline.) Troy Smith wanted to transfer to Troy (no fooling) to get more PT and I talked him out of it. I could use anywhere from 6 - 90 recruiting points, and selected about 56 and he stayed. I then went into recruiting and only had 144 points left for the first round. My total points per round were maxed out at 200 points, which is a huge drop from the 800 points we got in 2004. You now need to be much more judicious in your allocation of recruiting points. This is a much better setup, IMO.

5. Recruiting athletes is a neat feature. They have many different athlete types. They have big guys that can be OL/DL, LB/DE/FB/DB, and even the QB/WR/DB types. For guys that are potential QB types, they show their arm ratings.

I recruited the #1 ATH and he was a freak. Good size (like 6'2" and 196 lbs), SPD 94, TKL 70, BTK ~80, CAR ~84, CTH ~56, with great STA and INJ ratings. His best position was RB where he was an 84 OVR!

6. I ended up recruiting 13 players and had the # 2 class. I lost like 14-15 players to graduation, so I came up short with my replacements. Many of my recruits were as good or better than players that were on my existing roster. Although it's tougher to recruit players, they seem to have high scores still.

The neat thing is though, that the improvement among players was much more varied. I had Haw gain like 4 points OVR, but Pittman didn't even improve a single point. I had allocated about 35% of my budget to training, so I was surprised that I didn't have many greater improvements. I think my biggest improvement for any player was 7 or 8 points. I think that this change in the process will prove to be better over time, but there is going to be an adjustment period for 2004 players.

Edit: I forgot to mention that the top 11 QBs have "Elite 11" on their screens during the scouting/recruiting process. Nice little touch IMO.
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Nice breakdown: Here's what I just did after my first season (1/2 simulated):

I allocated 40% to Recruiting
40% to training
20% to Discipline

The only person that left early was Nate Salley (pros). There was no way I could talk him out of it, I didn't try.

I had 240 points for the first round.

I didn't go 'all out' on recruiting anyone. It seemed like all the best recruits this time were from Texas & GA (about 7 out of the top 10 from these states). I plucked the #1 FS (#1 84 overall), #1 Kicker (#3 overall , wtf? 82), #1 OLB (4*, 78) etc. In all I had 5 5*, 10 4*, 8 3*. My 3* RB has a 97 speed and a 76 ranking.

Recruiting is much better now, you actually have to think about who you're going to recruit and how much to allocate to him. In 2004, every season was 20-24 5* recruits (I had to cut 5* recruits in that game, lol!).
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I'm all over the athletes in recruiting. They are so incredibly key to a good recruiting season. They are really key for finding CB's, WR's and FB's I've found. I love how you can change the positions of any player you want during the offseason and hopefully, they will build up as time goes on. I created Jamario as a 5 star prospect and got him. Played him one season at CB and after Whitner ended up leaving early (after he won the Thorpe) I moved him to safety where he's flourished. ONe thing that annoys the crap out of me is having to wait so long in between recruiting weeks (for the computer to cycle everyone)
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Well I was a bit pissed at first because I played through like 7/11 of the games my first year. I had some academic and team violation stuff come up, but I saw my bar wasn't nearly filled (about a quarter of the way) and when I fiddled around with the suspension I found that it hardly moved one way or anoither so I usually lightened up on the suspensions. At the end of the year though I got hit with a 10 scholaraship penalty for 2 years. I was pissed, but I decided to go through with recruiting anyway, so I could practice. Well it took soem gettign used to and I knwo I will improve, but I still ended up with the #1 class after getting 13 players, including 6*****. I just quit the season after that and started a new dynasty and simmed it the hole way through. This time in recruiting I new a little more of what I was doing. I ended up with the 6th ranked class, but I got more people who I really wanted, but the only down side is I had 3 5-stars that had me as #1 that didn't end up signing with anyone.

PS: Don't ever recruit a DE again, grab a few extra LBs and move them down, you can get a freshman starting at around 90 on at DE all teh time.
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Hubbard said:
PS: Don't ever recruit a DE again, grab a few extra LBs and move them down, you can get a freshman starting at around 90 on at DE all teh time.
I recruited an athlete and when I put him at DE, he was a 94 OVR. I'm playing at FB (about 74 OVR there) though because he has good size and SPD (82.) His blocking sucks though. I think he's 44 in RBK and PBK.
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Something cool I noticed during recruiting with the pipeline feature. When you first go to the recruiting screen and have the map in view, depending on which state is highlighted, it will show you the number of players that are currently on your team's roster. I believe the number was listed towards the top left of the screen. I was using Cinicinati at the time, and I didn't view each state, but it showed 17 from Ohio, and 1 from North Carolina. This must be how the pipeline feature works. The more players that you have from a certain state, the more players from that state are likely to be interested in your school. Very slick that it shows us how many are there on the map.
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