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Recruiting around the Big Ten


Cognoscente of Omphaloskepsis
Staff member
Jun 22, 2003
Grove City
I just wanted to make sure nobody else was closing in on half a dozen top 100 players.

ILLINOIS - 4 commits with a 3 star QB and the #6 RB (good luck at TB to Brock Bolen)

IU - Two unrated players. Not sure, that may be ahead of the norm for IU.

IOWA - 6 commits - 3 with three stars and 3 with four. Includes the #8 QB and two Ohio kids.

MICHIGAN - 9 commits - 1 five stars, 2 four stars, and the rest unrated. Five different states including three from Ohio. They stole Zoltan Mesko from us - I was counting on Zoltan Mesko.

MICHIGAN ST - 1 unrated commit. Best get movin' JL.

MINNESOTA - 4 commits, 3 with three stars and all from in state.

NORTHWESTERN - same status as MSU.

PSU - surprisingly, same as MSU and NU - one unrated recruit. (They had 14 at this time last season)

PURDUE - 5 commits, 4 three star and everybody is from in state.

WISKY - 4 commits, 2 three star and 2 unranked from 4 different states.


Wolverine Hunter with a License to Kill!
Jul 12, 2004
This class is building National momentum now! It will already be a top 10 class, and with the addition of Wells, Worthington, AMW, and some others, it will easily coast into the Top 3! If we get some others who are considering us, based on this snowball effect, we could get an equivelant to the class of 2002!!! It will be hard to match the LBs from 2002 though
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The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St
Staff member
Tech Admin
May 11, 2003
Mililani, HI
IntoGloryride said:
I used to live in Mililani, Was stationed at Schofield. Used to party at the Army beach past the High School there. There was an excellent resturant for racheros supremes right along the road on the way towards northshore. Man I miss that place. Rented a duplex right by the water there. Watch them Menihunis.

Was Maui Tacos in Mililani when you were here? Man, I can eat that stuff everyday...
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