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RB Maurice Wells (Official Thread)


Hear The Drummer Get Wicked
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Just read an article on this kid on Rivals. Apparently we have already offered and his coach had great things to say about us, including the fact we're his early leader. Supposedly has sub 4.4 speed. I found an article but you have to register to view. Conley was quoted as saying he's the best back they have seen in years.

Here is an article about him from earlier in the year.

Edit: Thanks for adding the article, 86.
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Nutty- he was First team RB (along with Bobby Washington) in Florida's 6A- the biggest school division in Florida

Gartrell Shavers was 2nd team

Plus Larry Bluestein (Insiders Florida guru) has him rated no. 37 in his early '05 rankings

Thanks for the info BN

Here is the article you wanted

JACKSONVILLE -- Junior Maurice Wells rushed for 214 yards on 35 carries, lifting Jacksonville Sandalwood to a 28-16 victory over Olympia and a berth in next week's Class 6A, Region 1 semifinal.

"He's unbelievable," said Sandalwood Coach Adam Geis. "Teams know what's coming, and they still can't stop him."

Wells broke an 85-yard touchdown run in the second quarter, putting a move on safety Kalean Cobb after 10 yards and racing the final 75 untouched. The play put the Saints ahead 14-0.

Defensively, the Saints also were impressive, shutting down a prolific passing offense by forcing four turnovers. Freshman defensive end Jacoby Monroe recovered two fumbles for Sandalwood, and Olympia quarterback Troy Pashuck was intercepted twice.

"We weren't very sharp tonight," said Titans Coach Mike Cullison. "We made a few plays, but we made some mistakes and you just can't do that in the playoffs."

Saints quarterback Matt Earnest opened the scoring with a 17-yard touchdown pass to John Jones. In the second half, Jones caught the same play call from Earnest for a 34-yard gain that set up the game-clinching touchdown by Wells.

"Those were huge plays," Geis said. "We practice passing more than anything, believe it or not, because we know that when nine guys get in the box to stop Maurice, that's what we're going to have to go to."

The Titans defense did an improved job on Wells in the second half, giving up just 43 yards.

"He's a heck of a back," Cullison said. "We didn't do the job against him early."

Olympia (7-4) trailed 21-7 at the half but tackled Wells for a safety in the third quarter. The Titans pulled within 21-16 when Pashuck connected with Maurice Price for a 55-yard touchdown. Price finished with 105 receiving yards on six catches, and Olympia tailback Chris Johnson was held to 51 yards on 17 carries. Johnson also lost two fumbles, both recovered by Monroe.

Sandalwood (7-4) will face Lake Mary at home next week.

Looks like we have another sub 6ft and 200lb back to consider
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Florida Mr. Football runner up (behind Xavier Lee)
6A (Ohio D-I) Player of the Year
3000+ rushing yards

not too bad for a junior. His coach seems to think he'd be hard pressed not to sign with OSU if he comes up to see a game.
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I have to chuckle every time a see I picture of Jamario. Is THAT what 17 year old High School Juniors look like these days? For God's sake it looks like he's wearing shoulder pads next to TGJr. The really scary thing, is that Freddie Lenix is a bit bigger and even meaner looking. Freddie has got to be a Top Priority, would love to get a verbal from him before the season starts. The Glenville to Columbus pipeline is going to be huge, they're totally loaded with outstanding underclassmen, and couldn't have a finer man molding their talents than TGSr.
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i originally disagreed with u tress but now i think that we can get wells and king and then chris wells next year and we'll be loader for a long time, but i think if we strikeout on wells or king we offer ringer or sutton and if we miss on both we offer sutton and ringer or another oos back
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It looks like Petey Carroll has offered Mo. Key quote from Rivals article from Mo's coach

“He told Maurice that they didn’t recruit a running back in this past year’s class and wouldn’t recruit a running back in next year’s class if he committed to USC. I know for sure that USC will be one of Maurice’s visits, too.”
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