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RB Lydell Ross (official thread)

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Old newb
Hey y'all, mind if I join in? I've never been a high volume poster on Bucknuts, but I've been around a while. Long enough, anyway, to understand what this board is about. Congrats, Clarity, you've got a good thing going here.

Substantive topic for my inaugural post--Lydell Ross. I think he may well be the key to the next three games.

O-Line is coming together (at least figuring out what they do best) in the running game, FullBack position has been coming on, and Lydell has really been coming into his own over the last several games.

In each of the next three games I think establishing strong running game may be the key to our success. My question is, can Lydell hold up?

The kid has taken an absolute beating this year, and now we face three crucial tests where we need him more than ever. Some have begun to question his heart. Is he willing to play with pain? I don't think that's the problem. People who train as hard as he does are rarely wimps. Seems to me he's got the heart of a lion.

But he does seem injury prone. It's always something. Stinger last week at PSU (any word on whether that remains a concern for this week?). Rumor (apparently false) that he was hurt in practice this week--what's up with that? What is he at healthwise--90%, 80%? Can he stay healthy enough over these last grueling weeks to carry the load?

As Lydell goes, so go the Buckeyes. That may be overstating it, but not by much. Here's to Lydell's health.


Administrator Emeritus
Welcome HineyBuck! Glad you made it over.

I've got to think Ross can "shoulder the load". Recent history isn't on my side, but hey, I've got to stay optimistic. His linemen BETTER be the first ones to pick him off the turf and do everything in their power to see that he's not taking big hits (sustain those blocks and get down field with Lydell when ever possible). It is VERY important for us to have a running game the next 3 weeks. A BigTen Championship (and more) hangs in the balance.

I haven't heard about his health ... fankly I'm a bit afraid to find out.
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Buckeye Beach Bum
From what I've read, the O-line and Ross are getting their timing together. I think they're gaining confidence. Ross can do some serious running. He is taking it to the outside more often and sees the holes better.
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Old newb
Lydell had a big second half against MSU. Didn't look like establishing the run was even part of the game plan in the first half.

Went for well over 100 again--and, didn't get dinged up. He's just getting stronger every game. Bring on Purdue! Bring on Michigan!!
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The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St
Staff member
Tech Admin
Hiney: I think he did indeed get dinged up a little...he just didn't come out. There were several plays were he got up very slowly and had a big grimace on his face. He did hang tough, though.
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Buckeye Planet Old Fart
The running game made the difference in the second half. Mili is right, Lydell did get racked up good but he always came back and ran hard.
Racked up and hurt are two different things and I don't think he got hurt.

Too bad Michigan had a week off. Of course Purdue had a physical game also.

Good to have you over here Hugh.
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Cognoscente of Omphaloskepsis
Staff member
This is a pari-mutuel bet. That means the odds - although stated in the event as 1 to 1 - will actually be determined by the amounts wagered at the time the event closes for betting (31 August in this case).

It is based on net rushing yards during the 11 game regular season.

PLEASE NOTE: The 'Accept Bets Until' date and time is GMT. This is important on pari-mutuel bets if you are planning on betting at the last minute.
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Cognoscente of Omphaloskepsis
Staff member
This is why I wanted to do Pari-mutuel wagering. It should be just like the race track - all the money gets dumped at the last minute and the odds go all over the place.
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I hate tsun
‘18 Fantasy Baseball Champ
Here is some background info for you high rollers:

last 12 years SR fetured backs:
'01: Wells 1,294 yds
'00: Combs 888
'99: Wiley 952
'97: Pearson 869
'95: George 1,927
'93: Harris 1,344
'92: Smith 819
'91: Snow 828

We know he isn't as good as Eddie, but is he as good as Wells or Harris? I would say maybe at best when healthy but imo he can't take the beating for a full 11 games.

Other things against him are the youth of the QB and OL around him and the fact that he likes to run to darkness. All the 8-9 man fronts he sees will provide him with a lot of that. Also as it looks right now Iowa, Wisky, scUM and even NU are going to have pretty stout run defenses. NCSU's D is talented and Dantonio will have UC selling out to stop the run. Unfortunately for him, Lydell only gets to play IU once this year(16% of his career rushing total comes via 2 games vs IU). Last year he only managed 750 or so yds before the bowl game and that was a 12 game regular season with a bunch of SR's surrounding him.

Ultimately however it comes down to can he stay healthy and how well can Zwick and Co. keep the heat off him, because you know under JT he will get all the carries he needs to break 1,000.

I hope I am wrong, but the cons far outweigh the pro's.
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Our church has no bells.
He's also going to be splitting some time. Even so, I think JT is loyal to his seniors (maybe to a fault) and if Lydell gets close, he'll be fed the ball. The first third of the season will be big for Lydell.
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