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RB Eddie George - (1995 Heisman winner, CFB HOF, 4x Pro Bowl, HC Tenn St)


I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
Congrats to Eddie George! He surpassed 10,000 yards for his career this past weekend! Only the 17th player in NFL history to do so. Eddie will always be one of my favorite Buckeyes. We can only hope that all future Buckeyes will have his work ethic and dedication.

It would be great to see him add a Super Bowl ring to his collection of trophys this year.

Great job Eddie!
Bye-bye Eddie?

Sounds like Eddie might get hacked from Tennessee's roster as a cap casulty. That's too bad- hopefully he can hook up with another team for a few years.

He probably is nearing the end of his career- you just can't survive for a long time taking the kind of beatings he took. The man is a freakin' machine.

Bye-bye Eddie?
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The fact that he's never missed a career start has to weigh on future HoF voters as well. At the toughest position to stay healthy in probably all of pro sports, he never missed a beat. I'll always remember that play last season where he stood up Ray Lewis and sent him to the turf. Eddie's a warrior.
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I don't care whether or not he makes the hall of fame. The guy was a workhorse, plain and simple. A true professional all the way.

If he doesn't make the hall, i'm not gonna bitch and moan. I just feel bad that he never got that ring. And if Dyson had been able to stretch just a little bit farther, or if the Titans had made that FG instead of it being blocked and returned for a TD by the Ratbirds, he'd have one.
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Eddie will be welcomed to a new team without a doubt. I don't know if he can be the same type of leader on a new team though like he was with Tennesee.


Oakland? (as a Raider fan I would love this)

Personally I really think Dallas is the best fit. They just resigned Hambrick who can not carry the load. Eddie is a Parcells type guy I would think, and if he goes there I think they could instantly become a Super Bowl contender.
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It would be cool to see him go to Philly. That might be his best shot at getting a ring. They are loaded this year.

Cleveland? C'mon now, Eddie went to tOSU, which means he is clearly smart enough to avoid that mess at all costs.
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