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If you're getting emails every time someone responds to a thread, it's because that option is checked in your user settings. You can go to the "user cp" button at the top to change it.

I highly recommend everyone enable their Private Messaging. It has absolutely nothing to do with your email, vBulletin has a completely internal PM system, and you'll get those messages here on the site, not in your in-box.

I also recommend you wander around and investigate the options. If you're only familiar with the software the "big three" OSU sites run, you're going to find this similar in many ways, but much more rich in options and power. Don't be shy about trying things out (attaching files or pictures - you don't need your own host now, creating polls, adding avatars, etc.), you're not going to break anything.

Speaking of options, if there are any you'd like to see but don't already. Just say so. We have total control. If there are other forums you could see needing or wanting in the future, say so. If you're interested in helping moderate a particular area, I'm more than happy to add people in that area as well.

This is not an "invite" board. It's just not yet an active board. Anyone and everyone is welcome. You all should just appreciate that we're in the process of building the main resources, and outside of the forum (and chat, which is worth playing with a bit) there's not much here. But it's no secret, so tell whomever you like. All (even Bretgoblue) are welcome.

But by all means, let's get some convo going here.

Last note -- I need opinions. I was thinking about the Open Discussion forum, and was wondering if that really should be open. Still moderated perhaps, but much more loosely. And 100% open to any discussion, including politics, religion, or discussions of Bret with sheep. By no means am I interested in some insane free for all, but I think there might be room for an arena about any subject (discussed with reason and respect for others) where you can talk with fellow Buckeyes.

So, really open? Yes or no?

Do we want a smack board? Not being a part of Insiders or Rivals, I don't know how much cross traffic from other fans we'll get (which is unfortunate, and I'm open to any dialog on how to change that). But is this something you would or would not like to see? One caveat I would throw out there is that "smack" doesn't have to mean a cess pool like Grassy's definition.

Anyway, there's another 'yes or no' question for you all.
I think I would like the loosely moderated open discussion. I really don't care for politics, but that doesn't mean everyone else will. I say yea on politics, but just on the open board, not tolerated elsewhere. I think language and flaming rules should still apply, but that's just my opinion. A big neh on the smack board, the most classless thing I've seen.
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I have finally arrived on this new site and wonder what the difference will be compared to "Bucknuts". Anxious to see what
the topic matters will be. From all of the posters who have come to this site, it pretty much tells me that the intellect will be of higher quality I guess. Not meaning to be judgmental here. Glad to be aboard and will conform to all rules and regulations. :cheers:
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I personally would like to see to rules on lingo loosened just a tad (but definitely not an all-out obscenity-fest). I remember Bucknuts banned me for using "WTF". I think the vast majority of all us here will be over the age of 18, so...

Also, I think we need to be a bit quicker on the trigger on banning outsiders who act stupid. Frickin' donnyjr and NUTHERDUMBASSCHIEF on Bucknut should've been nuked long ago...they bring squat to the board. Others, like KinnewickCoug, are great and I personally enjoy having them on the board.

This board was started by folks tired of Kirk and others' $hit, so let's make sure our board stays better than the others.
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Mili, Clarity and I have been talking about that already, rules are definitely gone be lax, but no stupid crap, you know? The Off topic forum will be even less moderated. Keep all the things that are good about other sites, but improve on them. Such as rumors, allow them, but make sure they are labeled as such. He said there are no real rules set in stone, but we'll make them up as we go and deteremined by us.
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"Coach" is the account I created to do the administrative/set-up tasks. 'His' only role is to adjust settings, troubleshoot for people with problems, create new forums, in general do the monkeywork. 'His' role won't be banning, acting as a mod, or anything in that line. I wanted a nice separation of church and state, with "Clarity" just being a plain user the way I am at BN.

Mils, this place is however we collectively want it, language rules are absolutely going to be more lax. At the bare (assed) minimum, anything acceptable for network tv will always be okay here, but I think it's safe to go above and beyond that and say *almost* anything is fair game. I never want to look like the disaster that is Grassy's smack board, but sometimes there's a call for some of the less acceptable words for the sake of emphasis.

Anyway, the point is this whole thing should enjoy the structure that makes BNuts better than some others, but while still maintaining a sense of humor, which I think that board lacks.

But the bottom line is none of this is going to be mandated from me, from you, from Rip, from Hubs, etc., we'll roll collectively what what works and what doesn't. Like right now (as Hubs said) we'll allow rumor as long as it's clearly identified as such, if it gets to be a problem, we'll figure something else out. Politics, etc? We'll allow it in open discussion, why not? If I don't want to participate, I don't have to. etc. For example, we don't have a "rules" page yet, mostly because I want us (this first group of people) to more or less define a basic and easy ruleset collectively.

The other issues are the mods (most of them) will have the ability to ban and check IPs. Not to run off people we don't agree with, but just to chase off the people who come over just plain to be pricks.
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C-Dog: Cool...sounds just like I'd like it to be. I agree with not banning folks for disagreeing and such...it's good to have some others to help keep things in perspective, even though we may not agree with, or even like, it.

As far as our up-till-now "selective" membership, how our we going to let other potential members know of this site? Also, along with members of Bucknuts we'd like to come over, how about a few of the "non-members", i.e., outsiders such as KennewickCoug, TSKCoug, OregonGamecockFan, AusTech, and even UMFaninPA, know? My personal feeling is for right that since you've spun up the site, you should have the call as to who is told about here (so we can keep tabs of who comes on here). Maybe have you and the other mods (you, Hubs, and who else?) accept "nominations" for membership, and then if a mod says "cool", then we can give them an invite.

OK, I'm rambling (long day yesterday)...
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I'm for all those guys and then some. I feel like we're past the point where we're being selective about who comes over. I think the only reason we were really doing that at first was that there were still issues within the forums themselves that were being ironed out, and it's easier to work with a small familiar test group than a larger one.

Additionally, I wanted the opinions of those from BN that I'm most familiar with. Ultimately I'd like things to be shaped by the community as a whole, but in the early going, it's a natural order to turn to your friends.

Backing up a little bit, I want to jump back to the language issue a bit. I think the general rule of thumb is going to be prime time network television. There will be kids no doubt that read the site, and while that doesn't mean we're going to tiptoe around, it does mean obviously that insane obsenity-laced rants are going to go. When it comes to that sort of stuff, it's 100% the mods and their opinion IMO. As long as they look at it objectively based on their vision of community standards, we'll be fine. I think it's safe to say that there are going to be more relaxed standards than at BN (for example), or at least more relaxed than some in the past (as when "pissed" was banned). We're not going to be hot and cold on the issue (I'm not saying they are, I'm still a big fan of BN and what they do over thre), and we're going to maintain a sense of humor about the whole thing. Open Discussion will be the loosest forum on this board, but even that won't be allowed to denegrate into some sophomoric free for all. Common sense will prevail, as will fun and a general community atmosphere. Mils, by no means am I saying all this for your benefit in particular, we're on the same page on this and I think you know pretty well where I'm coming from. Just clarifying on my earlier comments lest anyone think we're getting ready to turn this into a cess pool.

Anyway, this goes for everyone, invite over anyone and everyone you like. I don't dislike the nomination notion, but like I said, I think we're past that. I still don't plan on actively promoting the site until all the features are available, and even then we'll do it through appropriate channels (this is where my background might actually come in handly) and means. Not by trying to leech people away from other sites, or even give that appearance.

That said, anyone you all like from any other site or offline, or whatever -- they're cool with me. I see eye to eye with everyone here so far, and am more than content to run with their judgment.

Finally, I'm just having fun, and I think as a group, those of us taking part in this are involved and motivated because we feel like that stats side will be a terrific tool, and the player input side will be a nice compliment to information we get elsewhere.

The site is what it is, as long as we're enjoying it, it serves a purpose. Again, all of this is just general clarification (that word is ruined for me) as new people come in for the sake of making intentions and visions clear.

As far as mods, it was a natually progression for me to plug Hubs and Rip in, I don't even yet know if Rip really wants that extra responsibility, be those two are so good at it over at BN, it seemed like a good first step.

If anyone else wants to moderate a couple areas, I'm more than happy to set that up. I'm perfectly content just being a poster myself, but we will need more than 2 mods down the road. So if anyone's interested, that's out there.
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