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Question for the board


Does anyone use, or know of a person who uses a product with ephedra?
This could be in the drugs pure form, or the original diet pills, Hydroxycut, Rip Fuel, Stacker ect. with the original ephedra included in the pills?

If so, do you know how they are getting these pills?
I know a lot of people who stocked up when it was announced they were going to ban it.

Ephedra has been blamed for deaths. Unfortunately, its the same as blaming alcohol as a dangerous item when 15 year old drinks an entire bottle of Bacardi 151 on a bet and dies from alcohol poisoning. Ephedra itself isn't to blame. Stupidity is.
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wolfamngstsheep said:
If so, do you know how they are getting these pills?
This is a question about which I have been wondering myself. Purified and processed ephedrine and pseudo-ephedrine are the precursors to crystal methamphetamine, so I, too, have been wondering how people are still able to manufacture the stuff with the product seemingly much more difficult to obtain. I was always under the impression that crystal meth was so popular because anyone could obtain the materials to make it.

Anybody know?
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Hab - while it's true anyone can obtain the materials to make it, cooking is a bit of a technical thing. Failure results in a blown up house and dead cookers. Has something to do with heating gasoline or such. Never cooked, so I don't really know.

Anyway, it's not as easy as walking to the local mart, aquiring some things and mixing em all together. But, I think that fact IS part of the reason why Meth is popular regardless.

Oh, and the buzz probably is part of it too...
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