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question college pick 'em


Herbie for President

we had talked last year about some form of automation for the college pickem contest. Is that up and running or a ways off?

I noticed USC plays Va Tech on 8/30/04 (a week from tomarrow)... figured that would be as good as any game to start the pick 'em season off.

Is there some type of auto system in place? If not that is fine, I'll just do it the same way I did it last year.

Better send Clarity a PM Gbear. I know he's super busy with site upgrades/stats engine, Sooooooo, maybe the BP Book is the system Clarity was thinking of using!?!? You might want to send a PM to Oh8ch and see if there is a way to use the Book for this purpose. Just a thought. Otherwise they'll be a heck of a lot more manual tabulation this season ... bet you don't want that headache huh?
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it really wasn't that bad... I watch most of the games anyway... and I just did a cut and past while editing the scores each week... it was work, but nothing horrible.

My home computer is all messed up, and I cannot use the PM software here at work (against company rules... they are really strict about "outside" email or email equivalents)...

I'll run it the old fashion way, until the software has been installed (and I learn how to use the new software :tongue2: )...
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I might have something in place before then. I've asked the coder to step away from the stats engine and see if we can put the Pick'em module together, so it's just a question of whether or not we can get it done in time.

It will support concurrent games for college and pro in both straight and against the spread. It will still involve someone setting up the weeks, but all the tracking and tabulating will be built in, leaderboards generated on the fly, etc.

Sorry I didn't see this before. I just haven't had any time to read the boards.
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Clarity said:
Sorry I didn't see this before. I just haven't had any time to read the boards.

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sounds good... just let me know when we need to move it over to the automated system. I started a thread on the buckeye board in regards to the pickem (the season has officially started :biggrin: )...

USC vrs. Va Tech will be the only game to pick this week...
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That is too funny... do you listen to wholewheatradio...?

I know all about the guy that runs that site (was a great programmer... wrote somthing huge for it's time... then moved out to alaska... that's the brief story :wink2: )... He has family in Columbus, and I'm close friends with his nephew...
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