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QB Scott McMullen (official thread)


Herbie for President

Can you limit the sigs, unlike on bucknuts? Some of those things are so big, that a couple of posts and the whole page is filled...

Anybody else think a limit should be placed on sigs?
I'm looking into the .sig limiting options now. I think that's a good idea. The number of images is already limited (to 10 though, I may have to lower that even further -- suggestions?), but I think there should be a character limit as well. There will definitely be some existing hack out there somewhere that lets me do that.

That's one of the great things about vBulletin. There is a massive development community that actively look to further advance and customize the software through hacks and mods. It's something JelSoft (the parent company, and someone I used to have direct business ties to) encourages, and to their credit, they're very active in advancing the software as well. As I've mentioned elsewhere, v3 is coming (it's in beta), and that has some really exciting new features.

As far as referrals, check the FAQ button at the top (which btw, with time, will also be where I reside that behemoth of at FAQ project that I was working on at BN), it explains it all, and even gives you a link that you can use to give people.

I haven't yet decided what to do with referral tracking, but decided to enable it to leave open the possibility for future fun reward dealies for high ref folks.

Someone started a thread besides me! :groove:
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This is a great idea! Everything looks great.

A suggestion I have is it would be great if we could keep everything about a topic on one thread. That is my pet peve over on some of the other boards. Would it be hard to add a topic line on top of subject line, so if there is a topic you want to discuss it would be easy to search for?

For example:

Subject What is Tressell going to do on offense:

Topic: offense vs. penn state

post: blah blay yada yada.

I don't know if this would eliminate any confussion but it is a thought?
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KN: "Would it be hard to add a topic line on top of subject line"

Dude, not to be a smart ass, but the exact purpose of a subject line is to tell everyone what the thread is about. "Topic" and "subject" are redundant.
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I think what he means is a subject/topic line above everybodies posts... currently the first post has the subject and the rest do not... it is easy to get off topic with a subject line "reminder", and really easy to do so without one...

example, on this post I am posting currently, there (at least I don't think there will be) will not be anything regarding what the subject is/what the original subject was...

After re-reading this post, I'm not too sure if what I am trying to say is making it "to print", sorry if I wasn't too clear (long night last night :cheers: )
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Hey CC (Coach/Clarity) is there a function (or the possibility) for posting tabular data (or columnar data - is columnar even a word?).

Many times I will post information/stats that would be much easier to do without having to manually insert leader lines (..........).

Team................Column1......Column 2......Column 3
Ohio State.............1..................1....................1

I've got a post I'll be adding a little later that would be perfect for this type of feature. I've already added the leader lines to this one so I guess I'm asking for it in the future. Just curious

Thanks - 3yards
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Thanks CC! I've never posted with HTML so I'll have to go to the TEST thread to do some ... well testing. Hopefully you mean that HTML can be turned ON/OFF for individual users. I don't want to create headaches for you, if this is a global feature that everyone will have access to - don't bother to activate it.

Being somewhat of a newbie on HTML please give me an idea of what would be "abusive" use. I don't want to (even inadvertently) do something inappropriate or possible damaging to the board. This is probably a mute point because my ONLY objective is to post stats in a tabular (or columnar) format.

Thanks again - 3yards
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My immediate fix was to turn it on for the whole of this specific forum. The long term fix I'm working on is creating a special user group of people who need things like tables (like below). *Or* I come up with some slick way to create vbCode to serve the same purpose. That would be most ideal.

I know some people aren't going to know HTML for table creation, I'll have to find a good tutorial site. But it's a worthwhile feature on the board for those who would make good use of it.

<table border=1 cellpadding=10 cellspacing=5><tr><td colspan=2 bgcolor="#8F8F8F"><center><font color="#FFFFFF">SAMPLE</font></td></tr><tr><td bgcolor="#DABABA" align="center" valign="middle">1</td><td bgcolor="#BABEDA" align="center" valign="middle">2</td></tr><tr><td bgcolor="#BADABD" align="center" valign="middle">3</td><td bgcolor="#DAD9BA" align="center" valign="middle">4</td></tr></table>

As you can see, this has some potential for those who can make use of it.
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Thanks again CC, just looking at your sample is getting my psyched.

To ask again: In what way would I be "abusive" using HTML? I don't mean "How could you think I would abuse the privilage" I mean "I'm somewhat new to HTML, what should I avoid doing that would cause damage (or be a pain in the •••) to the site". Just some examples (written - you don't have to show me by using HTML) would be helpful.

Also, when I change my signature it changes for all previous posts where I've used a signature. Is that S.O.P. (standard operating proceedure) for the site? No problems ... just curious.

Thanks - 3yards
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Everything is dynamic. So if you change something about your profile one place, you changed it all places. Cuts down significantly on the amount of data stored, but it's just how the software works at the core.

As far as HTML abuse, it can get pretty bad. People could run malicious Javascripts, affect the layout and color scheme of the board with style sheets, embed massive audio or video files, etc.

By no means is it safe for me to leave that open as an option for anyone and everyone.

I'm in the process of applying a hack to the board that will allow me to turn off HTML for the boards, but allow for a modified user group of registered people who can use HTML, and I'll move people in there as needed based on their requests.

Only so much damage could be done by a malicious user, but it's still a potential annoyance, so better safe than sorry.

You won't just stumble into something that will cause a problem, so don't worry about it within the confines of making tables (as above).
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Well crap Coach! Turn that HTML option off until you are comfortable with the "user group" solution. I certainly don't need to use it right away, and if it leaves you suseptible to problems, I don't need to use it at all!!! I've gotten by without it this long ... it won't make a difference to me.

BTW, I just want to say again "this place (site) is Awesome"! You should really be telling me "Coach is too busy to mess with your petty requests.", but you've been very helpful and quick to respond. I know things will change with more and more members ... but I'll never forget about the hard work you (and whoever is helping you) have poured into "Buckeye Planet".

Thanks - 3yards
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