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Predictions on the super regionals


Does anybody have one? I'm not that familier with college baseball baseball. So any information that might get me up to speed would be appriciated. Oh, btw how about Sammy Sosa? :shake: Practice bat, whatever
corked bats, and stimulats evidently work... j/k

The Cubs are my second favorite team... too bad he got caught (we all know a lot of the guys use corked bats!!).

I don't know much about college baseball... LSU, FSU, Miami, Oklahoma seem to always have good teams though...
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SWMS is a lot better than one would think. Their record doesn't show it though. Looking over their schedule it looks like they lost a lot of games they should've won, and they won a lot of games they should've lost.

I think our pitching will be enough to keep us in it. Our bats have been very streaky, and lately they've been red-hot. If that continues I expect to win the series. In the back of my head I just can't help but think that sooner or later our offense will cool off, although I was expecting it to happen midway through last weekend.

SWMS had 3 or 4 players drafted in the first 10 rounds, including a couple pitchers. They're a dangerous team.
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SWMS drilled the Bucks earlier this season 18-3 in the 3rd game of the season. Alot of things have changed since then, some good and some not-so-good.

This Buckeye team seems focused on the "refuse to lose" notion right now and that can be a dangerous thing. Top to bottom SWMS probably has the "better talent." We as Buckeye fans now know that means nothing. ( See January 3, 2003.)

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Do the Buckeyes regular season games get televised in the C-bus area? It's a shame we don't get to watch more college baseball on TV. Every once in a while, I can catch maybe a PAC 10 game on Fox Sports Net, but that's it. I love hearing the 'ping' of an aluminum bat and watching the balls fly out of the park.
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no, they aren't on tv in Columbus... I think it is a cheap ticket for those that want to go out and support the team.

I went to one of the Cal Fulorton (sp?) games a couple years ago... it was def. some good ball being played!!
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