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Post scUM Clarifications


Will Bryant
Staff member
Lots of thoughts... Where to start?

Someone mentioned numerous times that when our D doesn't show up, we're going to be in trouble.

Today seemed to both prove and disprove that notion.

The D didn't do all it normally does. But I think the offense actually stepped up and picked up some of the slack. Unfortunately, not enough.

It wasn't IMO a horrific defensive performance, just a 'human' one, whereas our D is normally superhuman. When I say they didn't do things they normally do, I meant lots of missed tackles, lots of looking like they had never seen anyone juke before, lots of missed opportunities.

I'm not taking anything away from Chris Perry. Who has to be one of the more underrated players in the country this year. I have a lot of respect for that kids ability and talent. On the other hand, I'm glad I never have to see him get up all slow and gimpy. I watched one other scUM game in its entirety this year. In that game, Perry did the same thing. Does he need a little extra attention? Is he just a fragile lad? I don't get it, but I found myself groaning and rolling my eyes everytime the fancy boy had to get up all slowly and carefully, only to trot back to the huddle immediately afterwards as if it had never happened. Maybe he's just seen Rudy one too many times, and is going for some intense drama to boost perceptions of his performances. He should just stick to being a RB, he's good enough to stand on those merits. He should indeed get Heisman votes. No chance of winning really, but he deserves to be mentioned. After Larry Fitz, Eli Manning, and 2-3 other guys, Perry should be in the next tier. Not enough to go to NY, but enough to get some props.

Michigan's OL was spectacular. I'm going to say they held more than any other team I've witnessed in the last 24 months or so, but that doesn't take away from the brilliant job they did.

Navarre was terrific. scUM fans don't give him enough credit, perhaps they will now.

Positives for us;

Krenzel was outstanding. I know there are some who will focus on his bad passes. That's just because you've been talking about those all year. Look at his stats, that's pretty solid stuff given the pressure he faced.

Jenkins was outstanding, as was Holmes, and -- well, I hesitate to come up with anyone on the offense not on the OL who didn't play well. I'm not going to dump on anyone, but I thought 3/4 of the OL really struggled today.

The D... I see some shots at the LBs here already. I guess some of that is deserved sort of, AJ in particular really seemed baffled by any jukes. But how can you ding AJ? He's a beast. Our pass rush was virtually non-existant. I'm not yet sure why, except that scUM's OL played a great game.

DBs, solid enough I thought more or less. Salley missed a few, but made more than he missed, and frankly shouldn't have been in a savior or goat position so many times.

This was a MUST WIN for the Weasels. They lost the last 2. This was back in their house. Our winning would send us back to the national championship game in all likelihood, and knock them out of their dream bowl, which is the Rose. I mean, I know, every game is must win, but this really was for them. And they got it. Clearly they wanted it and wanted it bad. Good for them it was in their house. Good for them they played like gods until about 2 minutes left in the 3rd quarter.

Right about then they started to show some cracks, and I think we made pretty good use of them.

CK getting dinged when he did was devastating I thought. He was on fire at that point. McMullen stepped in and (as always) played extremely well, but I still think we lost a little something there. Clearly it was gone when CK came back in, but we were pretty much cooked at that point.

I hope "fans" on other boards (and here for that matter), don't get too caught up in the bitterness that may come along with this loss. I saw a team that went down 3 scores, and didn't lose their heads. They kept plodding forward, and honestly -- when they came within 7, I thought they might really pull it out. Chris Perry had other plans. His girlish routine following plays aside, he seems like a great kid, and some distant part of me feels good for what he accomplished today. Maybe it was that bit before the game with his cancer-stricken mom, or maybe it was that even scUM fans were dogging him a bit before the season started. Eh, "good for him" is what I'm getting at. He put 150+ on what was at least statistically the best rushing D in the country. That's impressive.

SO.... What bowl? I'd love a rematch with Miami in the Orange. In fact, I'd have taken that over a Rosebowl meeting with WSU had USC jumped us. So if it works out that we wouldn't have made the Sugar anyway, some perverted part of me will find a tiny silver lining in todays loss.

Biggest crowd ever in NCAA history. Crazy. It sounded like it too. That may be the most hostile environment I've ever seen us play in, which is saying something. Next year, it's back in the Shoe. I'm already looking forward to revenge -- which makes me appreciate what is the greatest rivalry in all of sports (with an honorary exception to some of the historical greats like Army/Navy, the Ivy Leagues, etc.)

I had an odd sense of calm throughout the game. I still do now. I'm not really upset at all following the game. Disappointed? Sure. But I think my pride in our Buckeyes is overriding anything else. So many of these seniors have just been so great to watch, and each of them played a role in our first national title in decades. Sure, it would have been nice to have them go out 3-0 over the Weasels, but it doesn't take anything away from them as players in my point of view.

So again... What bowl is next. Then talks about next year. SO much going on. New QBs, new DL, new OL, new new new. Biggest overhaul we've faced in about 3-4 years I figure. Some might be addition by subtraction I suppose; LB *maybe?* if guys like Schlegel and some others live up to expectations. Does Fox stay at CB if someone like Whitner, Underwood and/or Youboty step up? Or if he moves to S, where do capable guys like Salley and Everett fill in? New punter. The 'great' Zwick/Smith debate. The neverending Clarett saga... Lots to come.

Anyway, enough yapping. Go Buckeyes!
Extremely well-written post Clarity. I wish I had the ability to put my thoughts into words like you and a few others do. The words get lost somewhere between my brain and fingers. You put into words my very thoughts for the most part.

Well said.
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I do not want to play Miami in the Orange. It's a home game for them. We thought our fans were treated badly by Wisconsin, I can't imagine how we will be treated in the Orange if we get stuck playing miami. The less I see of that idiot winslow the happier I am.

I think Pitt beats miami next week (at pitt). I believe that would mean that miami wouldn't even win their conference and would be a 3 loss team. Since the Big least has an automatic who would go? Pitt, Va tech, and miami would all have 3 losses and I THINK I heard that West Virg would be conf champ.

Watching the local post game show out of Columbus and they had a representative from the Fiesta who said they would be delighted to have us back.

Also Olivea made the comment that they want to go to a BCS bowl. He said flat out that he doesn't want to go to the outback or some other smaller bowl.

Thanks for the oppurtunity to be able to read some sensible football talk.
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As usual, great post, Clarity.

One thing to add. I was talking to a friend after the game (He called to taunt a little). I made the comment about the toughness of Perry. He shed a little light on that. He heard an interview with Perry after the MSU game when he carried over 50 times. The gist of the interview was that he was directed to play "possum" and act hurt at times. Wonder if the theatrics continued today? Either way, he played a great game. Their offensive line was the difference.
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great post clarity.....

sometimes in athletics you just have to tip your cap and say well done when the opposition defeats you.....

michigan outplayed the bucks in nearly every phase of the game today......and still the bucks were good enough to be within a play or two of pulling it out......on the road infront of the ncaa's largest ever crowd......

michigan played to the apex of their ability today (to their credit) and the buckeyes simply played their usual game......

like you im not angry, just disappointed.....
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I was calm this morning (not a good sign... I'm usually jacked for the games)... guess deep down inside I figured scUM would put it too us... too bad, it would have been really great to say 3-0...

Well Coach Tressel is still above .500 so that is still nice... I don't want to play cryami in the Orange either... that frankly should not be allowed... unless cryami wants to come up to Columbus for a "bowl"...

The Fiesta would be great... I don't know how well the Bucks will be followed though (I know I will not go back this year...), but if they want us, I think the team would be happy to be back in a BcS bowl, and that could do nothing but help recruiting...

speaking of recruiting, guess we now have that "game" to follow, now that the season is over a (at least a break... until the bowl... then a long wait till next year :mad2: )...

What sticks out in my mind about the game is poor tackling, and an OSU team that was effective with the pass (first time all year IMO)... the young guys should learn a lot from this, and can only help them and their future at OSU...
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True Buckeye fans will not be disappointed by a team that gave everything and by a coach who plays the strategic game better than anyone I can recall recently. The key now is to get everyone healthy for what ever bowl game comes our way. CK & LR are essential to a strong showing.

It's not too soon to be looking toward next year either. There should be some reshuffling in the top tier of the Big 10. UW, PU and the school up north are losing a lot of senior leadership - more than we are in my opinion. Iowa might hang around, but I think that leaves next year's power struggle between PSU & us, a struggle we should win, but we'll need to get better balanced to keep in the top 10 nationally.

I doubt that Clarrett will return, and the media hoopla would be devastating if he did. So, who will surface as the next power RB?
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There should be some reshuffling in the top tier of the Big 10. UW, PU and the school up north are losing a lot of senior leadership - more than we are in my opinion.

We are losing guys like Krenzel, Jenkins, Olivea, Step, Hartsock, Will Smith, Will Allen, Tim Anderson, and Darrion Scott. Those schools you mentioned would have to be losing a tremndous amount of leadership to match who we're losing. We will be good next year but our seniors will be missed.
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Typical quality post Clarity, but I disagree on a couple of points.

I think their OL had much more to do with things than our D under achieving. They controlled Smith and Co and made our LBs play the run - something they have not had to do all season. They may have exposed a weakness.

Also, I can't give too much credit to Navarre. We had zero sacks and little pressure. With his receiving corps and the time he nad any competent QB would have looked good. He did his job, but I would argue he benefitted from the efforts of others more so than making things happen himself.

But more than anything - and it concerns me for future seasons - I attribute this game to a very motivated coaching staff having three weeks to prepare.

Next season it is just as bad. They have the same schedule - bye, NU, and then us. While we are going TO MSU and TO Purdue before Michigan. That is a very real handicap.
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We all know Navarre hasn't handled pressure very well at times in the past, so when I give him credit for playing well, I do appreciate that he's not really the type that would of without the protection his OL afforded. Nonetheless, as the talking heads mentioned several times during the broadcast, he's put up some pretty decent numbers during his time as the scUM signal caller, I just give him credit for being better than many have given him credit for. He's kind of scUM's Steve Bellisari in terms of how his fans seem to have responded to him over the years. Maybe that's a bad tie. Hmm.

As far as the OL, no question, they were indeed spectacular. I recently had a discussion with a scUM fan who adamantly stated that their OL was/is better than any we've seen in a few years, including Miami's. I don't know if I agree with that, but there's no arguing that they're right up there at the top. They protected Navarre from our all-star DL, and opened up holes for Perry that even I in my 'limited' state could have run through for good yards. They were the difference in the game.

I still think our D underperformed on their own this game. The missed tackles in particular were and are painful to watch. But this is a game where a few scores were slapped on and together in relatively short order, all things being equal, I'm very impressed and pleased that our guys were able to keep their hats on straight and get back to business.

No question next year presents some particularly difficult challenges. I feel there are going to be more unknowns next Spring than we've had to face in years. And yet, somehow I can't help but feel it's all going to be fine.

Nice to have you posting here again, check in more frequently, I think the pace is picking up a bit over here which is nice.
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Not sure where to put this post, so here seems good enough. I didn't check the boards at all yesterday and haven't been to bucknuts main board yet (gulp). Disappointed? Hell yes. But what this game made me realize is how good JT is, he got us 9-2 without a OL and with basically no RB (be it for whatever reasons). scUM played great, what I wouldn't give for their OL. This baord is a godsend, all the posts (well most of em) are intelligent and worth reading, kudos to Respect? I appreciate his angle. As a side note looking to next year, unless one of the freshman RB's has a Clarett like season, I think we lose 2-3 easy wth all the talent and experience we are replalcing.
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Hubs - Absolutely agree on giving kudos to JT for doing what he did with what he had offensively (although his overall offensive approach is still questionable IMO).

That said, at the end of his third season why DON'T we have a better OL? More to the point, why does it look like we will be even worse off next season? JT owns that problem now - this is not John Cooper's team anymore.

This is the only position where you can seriously question his recruiting - but it is a big area.
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Good question about the OL, but it is hard for me to believe we could actually have a worse line, there pass blocking was good this year though. I am hoping that the young guns step up. Yes Cooper's kids can no longer be used as an excuse and he needed to pull a couple more in last years class it seems
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I feel bad asking this, but did anyone else feel a little uneasy when they realized Bishop was starting this game? I like Bryce, but I feel he's struggled this year.

As for as our OL next year, it's a total unknown as far as I'm concerned, but like Hubs, I find it hard (or perhaps scary?) to imagine them being worse.

It seems like the OL has been a serious deficiency of ours for about 4-5 years now. That has to change, and yes, it seems like a weak spot in our recruiting efforts. I haven't started following recruiting yet, but I did enough to really want Jeff Byars, no matter how unlikely that was going to be. But my understanding is that we've got a shot at some really promising kids. Any of you that have been following recruiting have any more detail on key names I should know?
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