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Pitt losing to Furman.....yup that Furman

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yeah but if they do lose it is absolutely horrible for the Big Least....

rutgers lost to 1-aa new hampshire last week.....bc lost to wake this week.....its unbelievable this conference gets a bcs bowl bid...
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Fla Atlantic

They actually are making the jump to I-A next year..this is their transition year...meaning no playoffs but also no bowl game. I do agree that it won't take long for Schnellenburger to get that team to, say, Marshall's level.
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Loves Buckeye History
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Pitt survived in OT, Furman missed a FG and Pitt made one.

The Big East is no better than the Mtn West or Conference USA. The last automatic bid should go to the highest BCS-ranked team among the 6 Div-1 conferences that don't get the automatic.

The MAC is weak this year, it's battling the Sun Belt to not be the weakest of the 11 Div-1A conferences.
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Still there is no way that a Major College Football program should lose to a school like Furman. Hawaii, and Rutgers, with no disrespect intended is not the same thing as Pitt losing, now I thought I saw they pulled this game out, but what an embarassment. This is why Ohio State doesn't play YSU, not because they would lose, but rather they have nothing to gain, even if it is a close game people will jump all over us.
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