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I was just messing with you..

I would suggest going to one of the free web servers on the net, maybe webshots or something. Someone may have a better suggestion for that.

I have room on my server, but not a ton, so if it is a page or two that isn't going to get 100,000 hits a day, I can hook you up. PM me if it isn't much.

PS - Someone should probably move this to the Open Discussion forum... not much ado about Football at least yet.
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Not sure how to answer that question...

I saw the site briefly once but never explored it as I have been on the other two boards mostly. I ran into a guy from Ohio Signatures Unlimited that wants to use some of my photos for autograph signings once the season is over and he mention this site when I told him I was trying to get a site to use my photos for the members to look at. We had our Hawai'i OSU Alumni Christmas party at my mom's house last night and Mililani Buckeye sent an email Monday recommending the site. So I'm here now! Oh, by the way...you should've seen Santa Claus last night at the party! WOW! I have pics...

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Hawaiian...I don't know if any of your photos could top this one. :lol:

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