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PG C.J. Jackson (Official Thread)

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Ohio State men's basketball | Junior-college transfer to make it official Wednesday


C.J. Jackson will officially sign to play for Ohio State on Wednesday during an event at his junior college, coach Jeremy Schulman told The Dispatch today.

Jackson, who verbally committed to the Buckeyes on April 12, spent last season playing for Eastern Florida State College and will have three seasons of eligibility at Ohio State. He is one of three Titans signing during the ceremony, which is scheduled to begin at 1:30 p.m. Eastern.

Entire article: http://buckeyextra.dispatch.com/content/stories/2016/04/19/0418-osu-mbk-tran.html
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We can now officially welcome @C_Jack13 to our Buckeye Basketball Family! #GoBucks

3:33 PM - 20 Apr 2016

“We are anxious to get C.J. on campus and working toward next season,” head coach Thad Matta said in a statement. “I was impressed with his being a winner and most importantly a team player. He has demonstrated the ability to score and consistently hit the 3, but he also distributes the basketball and makes others around him better.”

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