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Pedro Gets Struck by Baseball During Parade


I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
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poor Pedro... I hope he's OK!


Pedro Gets Struck by Baseball During Parade
Red Sox Star Hit in Forehead by Ball Thrown at High Speed

BOSTON (Oct. 30) -- Red Sox star pitcher Pedro Martinez was hit in the forehead by a baseball thrown from the banks of the Charles River while he was riding on an amphibious vehicle during the World Series victory parade for the Red Sox.

He was not seriously injured.

"I have a little headache, but I'm OK," Martinez said after the parade ended Saturday at Fenway Park, the Red Sox stadium.

It was not immediately clear who threw the ball or why.

Martinez looked stunned, putting his hand to his forehead. The ball was later seen floating in the water as the vehicle floated down the river for the final leg of the parade.

Jim Averill, 42, of Boston, said the ball was thrown at a high speed from the river bank. He said pitcher Derek Lowe tried to catch it before it struck Martinez.

"I saw the ball hit him in the head," Averill said. "Derek Lowe tried to grab it. It hit him and it flew up about 15 feet and fell into the water."