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Paris Hilton donates Sex Tape $$$


I've always liked them
Just saw on MSNBC that Paris Hilton will donate her proceeds from the sex tape to charity. She won her lawsuit against the guy she made the tape with. That's doing it for the kids right there :biggrin:.
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That's really commendable, and should serve as the model for all future sex tapes of celebrities & the wealthy that surface. It should even extend to softcore porn, including, but not limited to, Cameron Diaz.

Johnny-- I couldn't agree more.
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I can see the public service announcement now... "I'm Paris Hilton. I went down on this guy so this child in Nigeria could have rice and shoes. Won't you help out another needy child?"
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After Jerry Lewis retires perhaps we can look forward to the Labor Day Celebrity Screwathon.

After Ashton is finished pounding Demi they can cut to local coverage of Dave Kaylor and Angela Pace.
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