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Overrated and Underrated songs of bands you like

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Staff member
Former Premier League Champ
Let it Ride...man I love that song...couldn't agree more Mili.

Some more:

Overrated: hard to say any, but Love Me Do and I Wanna Hold you Hand
Underrated: A Day in the Life, I am the Walrus

Elton John:
Overrated: Can You Feel the Love Tonight
Underrated: I Guess that's Why They Call it the Blues

Overrated: Ventura Highway
Underrated: Sister Golden Hair

Bruce Hornsby:
Overrated: That's Just the Way It Is
Underrated: Mandolin Rain

Overrated: Wonderful Tonight
Underrated: Promises
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The North Remembers
The Beatles
Overrated: not really any, but I guess.. Yellow Submarine
Underrated: The Inner Light//Within You, Without You
Best: In My Life

The Doors
Overrated: Love Me Two Times
Underrated: End, The
Best: The Soft Parade//LA Woman

Jimi Hendrix
Overrated: Foxey Lady
Underrated: 1983.. (A Merman I Shall Be)
Best: Burning of the Midnight Lamp

Pink Floyd
Overrated: Have A Cigar
Underrated: Nobody Home
Best: Wish You Were Here

Overrated: Toss It Up
Underrated: Can U Get Away?
Best: Unconditional Love

*not a band, but one of my all-time favorite lyricists/artists
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Calmer than you are.
overrated: anything on Superunknown
underrated: most of Badmotorfinger

Alice in Chains
overrated: Man in the Box
underrated: Down In A Hole

overrated: (have to agree with BuckeyeTillIDie) Toss It Up
underrated: It's Me Against The World
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2 time Reigning BuckeyePlanet Poker Champion
I dont listen to radio so some of this may be slightly off but yea..

NIN: overrated:Hurt, and the whole fragile set.
underrated:crawl away, something i can never have, and the rest of the downward spiral.

RATM: overrated: guerilla radio, killing in the name.
underrated: take the power back, settle for nothing, know your enemy, and everything of theirs you have never heard.

Sublime: overrated: what i got
underrated: tequilla and burrito
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The Most Power-Drunk
Pearl Jam:

Overrated: Jeremy (I'd say the rest of that album is overrated as well, but I think it's just more overplayed)

Underrated: Yellow Ledbetter, Nothing Man

Counting Crows:

Overrated: Mr. Jones, Hanging Around, American Girl (yes this is a remake)

Underrated: Sullivan Street, Mrs. Potter's Lullaby, Holiday in Spain
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Bourbon, Bow Ties and Baseball Hats
Staff member
BP Recruiting Team
Since I've seen his name mentioned a few times, I will chime in...

Jimi Hendrix
Overrated: Foxy Lady
Underrated: Who Knows?, and just about all the rest of the Band of Gypsys album
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It ain't easy, bein' cheesy.
Van Halen
Overrated-Jump, Why Can't This Be Love, Dreams
Underrated- Atomic Punk, Beautiful Girls, Somebody Get Me A Dr., Mean Street

Overrated- Lick it Up, Beth, Rock & Roll All Night
Underrated-Shout it Out Loud, Hotter Than Hell, God of Thunder, Strutter

Overrated-One, Fuel, Nothing Else Matters
Underrated-Creeping Death, Disposable Heroes, Damage Inc., Shortest Straw, No Remorse

And, I'm going to catch some shit for this, but I think that pretty much everything Pearl Jam and Nirvana did was overrated.
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And, I'm going to catch some shit for this, but I think that pretty much everything Pearl Jam and Nirvana did was overrated
I'm not big on alternative rock anymore, electronic and hip-hop music have become my passion, but when you review the musical merit of Nirvana you have to remember the time period in which their music came out.

WHen you compare Inutero and Nevermind ect.. to Motley Crue and basically every other band that was big in the late 80s and early 90s, Kobain and CO. sound like musical geniuses.

(GNR the only hair band worth a dam)
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The Most Power-Drunk
DEBuckeye said:
And, I'm going to catch some shit for this, but I think that pretty much everything Pearl Jam and Nirvana did was overrated.
Don't worry, buddy, I won't criticize someone for their taste in music. I think Pearl Jam and Nirvana were more of a generational thing, and I was in that place at the right age. Actually, I don't like much of Nirvana, but I have always enjoyed PJ. I gotta say, a lot of their later stuff really blows, but try listening to the entire black album (can't remember the name right now, if it has one). It has "Better Man" and "Nothing Man" on it, but I doubt you will have ever heard any other song on that album. Or, don't. I won't listen to music I won't like, which is pretty much only country and rap. Or what is now known as Hip Hop, even though it's really still rap.
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Pig on a wing
Its hard for me to say some of these songs are overrated, because I still like them. I think for me it is more that they are just over played.

Overplayed: Tom Sawyer, Free Will, Spirit of Radio, and Working Man, Closer to the Heart
Underplayed: Farwell to Kings, 2112, Something for Nothing
The Best: The 2112 album and The Farwell to Kings album

Led Zeppelin
Overplayed: Zeppelin 4
Underplayed: Zeppelin 3 and Physical Graffiti (except Kashmir)
The Best: Zeppelin 1

Pink Floyd
Overplayed: Another brick in the Wall Pt 2, Money, Comfortably Numb, Hey You, Wish you were here.
Underplayed: The Animals album, The Wall album (except were listed above), and Time
The Best: Time, and Pigs(Three Different Ones)
The radio is the worst with Pink Floyd. Some of their best material is completely ignored ... it is a real shame.
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aka MartyrBuck
i'll throw a different flavor in here:

RATM (Rage against the Machine) - agree with BuckeyeSoldier, I'd add "sleep now in the fire" to the overrated, they usually play their worst songs on the radio IMO

Overrated - all of the commercial made for radio stuff after Dysfunction
Underrated - most of Dysfunction, especially Just Go, Me, and Crawl

TooL: (souL if you're gonna rep TooL atleast spell the songs right!! :tongue2: )
Overrated - Sober, Aenima, Lateralus
Underrated - 46&2, Pushit, Eulogy, Third Eye, everything you don't hear on the radio and especially their various live versions of songs, and most especially their incredible cover of Led Zeppelin's "No Quarter" (track#7 on Salival)

Overrated - Purple Haze, Foxy Lady
Underrated - Red House, agree with most of Band of Gypsies
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Modest Mouse:
Overrated: Float On (I still like it, but it's nowhere close to their best song)
Underrated: Anything off of their "Lonesome Crowded West" album

Overrated: Loser
Underrated: Lost Cause

Overrated: Beautiful Day
Underrated: Stay (Faraway so close)
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Ya sorry Mistri... it was getting kinda late and I didn't spell check. I was also trying just to list radio songs because that's what the topic entailed :wink:

I got one!
Queensryche: Overrated:None? Maybe Silent Lucidity?
Underrated:Empire, Jet City Woman, Operation Mindcrime

Yes: Overrated: Owner of a Lonely Heart
Underrated: Changes, Leave It, et. al.
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Pimp Minister Sinister
I've got to add my 2 cents to this, for sure:

Pearl Jam
Overrated: Jeremy, Spin the Black Circle
Underrated: Footsteps, Light Years (by far their best song after Vitalogy)
Best: Yellow Ledbetter, Black

Led Zeppelin:
Overrated: Black Dog, most of the stuff on LZ IV.
Underrated: Tangerine, Gallows Pole
Best: Tangerine, Gallows Pole, Hey Hey What Can I Do

Pink Floyd
Overrated: Welcome to the Machine, Have a Cigar
Underrated: Fearless, One of These Days (for those of you who haven't heard these songs off Meddle, I strongly suggest you do so)
Best: The entire Wall Album (the best album of all time)

For those of you that said that Another Brick II is overrated, I get your point. It loses something on the radio, but its a great and powerful song when you listen to it on a clear sounding CD in the context of the album with the preceding and following songs.

Overrated: Hells Bells
Underrated: Its a Long Way to the Top (If Ya Wanna Rock and Roll)
Best: The Early Bon Scott Albums: classic stuff

Overrated: Everything
I do like With or Without You, the only song from them I like.

Overrated: Buddy Holly, the Sweater Song
Underrated: Island in the Sun, Hash Pipe
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Reeking with awesomeness
Over rated-Fat bottomed girls
Under rated-Show must go on

Journey Over rated-Don't stop beleiving
Under rated Escape

Van Halen-Over rated Why can't this be love
Underrated Drop Dead legs

tibor75 said:
Overrated: Bohemian Rhapsody
Underrated: Innuendo

Pink Floyd
Overrated: Money
Underrated: Sorrow, High Hopes

Led Zep
Overrated: Black Dog
Underrated: Achilles Last Stand

Overrated: Bloody Sunday
Underrated: Love Is Blindness

Bohemian Rhapsody is IMHO the best song ever.
That is a brilliant piece of music.
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