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Overrated and Underrated songs of bands you like

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Meaning songs that the radio plays and you hear all the time but they might not be their best songs, versus songs they never play that are actually some of the better songs by that particular band.


Pink Floyd: Overrated: Brick in the Wall II; Underrated: High Hopes and Brain Damage


hipster doofus
overrated: Stand underrated: Drive

Red Hot Chili Peppers:
overrated: By The Way underrated: This Velvet Glove

overrated: Buddy Holly (still a cool song, but overrated nonetheless) underrated: all of the Green Album and Pinkerton
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Woody wore Sambas
Sublime overrated-Wrong Way
underrated-Live at E's, Caress Me Down

Rolling Stones
overrated-You Can't Always Get What You Want, all of Exile on Main Street underrated- Thru and Thru, Monkey Man

Led Zeppelin
overrated-Dazed and Confused, all of Houses of the Holy
underrated- 4 Sticks, In the Evening, Thank You
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Overrated: Bohemian Rhapsody
Underrated: Innuendo

Pink Floyd
Overrated: Money
Underrated: Sorrow, High Hopes

Led Zep
Overrated: Black Dog
Underrated: Achilles Last Stand

Overrated: Bloody Sunday
Underrated: Love Is Blindness
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Music thread? Sign me up :wink:

Rush - Overrated:Tom Sawyer, Free Will; Underrated:Subdivisions, Entre Nous, Analog Kid, Red Barchetta, One Little Victory, 2112, Closer to the Heart, Distant Early Warning, Roll the Bones, New World Man, Digital Man.

Pink Floyd - Overrated:The Wall Part II, Comfortably Numb; underrated:Money (boo Tibs), High Hopes (yay Tibs).

Zepplin - overrated:almost anything they play; underrated - Achilles Last Stand

Tool - Overrated:Anemia; Underrated: Stinkfist, Lateralus

The rest of the radio is almost entirely overrated. :banger: \m/
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Jimi Hendrix -Overrated - All Along the Watchtower/Purple Haze

Underrated- The Wind Cries Mary/ All of Band of Gypsies/ all of Axis:Bold as Love

Joe Satriani - Overrated - Summer Song
Underrated - Surfingn with the Alien

Totally underrated - Anything by Gary Moore or Tab Benoit
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I'll add the best from a group/singer did along with overrated and underrated:

Jimi Hendrix
overrated: Foxy Lady
underrated: Voodoo Chile
best: Purple Haze

Deep Purple
overrated: Perfect Strangers
underrated: Woman from Tokyo
best: Smoke on the Water (live)

overrated: Takin' Care of Business
underrated: Let it Ride
best: Roll on Down the Highway

Peter Frampton
overrated: Baby I Love Your Way
underrated: Somethin's Happening
best: Do You Feel Like We Do?

Led Zepplin
overrated: Kashmir (hmmm, wonder why?) and Stairway to Heaven
underrated: Over the Hills and Far Away
best: Black Dog
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