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Over/Under on what time server crashes tomorrow


Hating the environment since 1994
  • I know yesterday the site was barely limping along and I'm assuming it had to do with the Gwaltney situation.

    I'm guessing that with tomorrow being National Letter of Intent Day along with Gwaltney deciding tomorrow that BP may get so much traffic that a crash may occur.

    Glad to see that so many people are now coming over here to get some info.

    Good job Clarity.

    BTW, my bet's on 12:07pm.


    I'd rather be napping!!
    even with a string of :wink: nobody understands that I am kidding...

    Maybe Clarity should mount another concerted "drive", I give when I have a little extra, which isn't all that often but I wonder if some of the newbies realise that you can donate whenever and help enhance the enjoyment/experience of this site.
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