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Olympic Security Violation ?


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A guy in a tutu and clown shoes jumps into the pool during the synchronized diving competition - and is in the pool for "several minutes" before officials realize he isn't supposed to be there. I konw it is a serious issue, but I had to chuckle at that.


BTW, is ANYBODY attending any of these events? The women's soccer match involving the USA today couldn't have had but a few hundred people in the stands.
One of my coworkers is from Greece, and her parents (who live in Athens) said that all the events are sold out. I find that hard to believe, since the stands look virtually empty. For some reason, all the big $$ seats are empty, leaving the nosebleed seats filled. They should allow those people above to fill in the bottom seats so that it at least looks better!
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One diving official said, "We thought it was odd that the Australians would compete in such an unusual outfit. We expect that from the French, but not the Aussies. Also, he hit the water well after his teammates and I was at a loss of how many points to deduct when suddenly it hit me... maybe this guy wasn't an Australian synchronized diver at all! Maybe he was a loon!" :wink2:
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Was the diver actually Golan Cipel??? You know, he used to be in the Israeli navy.
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