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OH WR JaVont'e "Jigg" Richardson (Kentucky Signee)

MD Buckeye

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Maple Heights (OH)
Ht: 6'3"
Wt: 195 lbs
Class: 2017 (High School)

Scout $ - Richardson Is A Top Sophomore


By The Bank.....Grew up watching Ohio State & wants to be a Buckeye. Also hearing from Kentucky.

Bill Greene is very high on this kid & thinks he can be a national recruit.
I believe he is a top 100 recruit on Rivals already too.

2017 WR recruiting might be as good (or better) then 2016 DE recruiting.

Already have Judson and Grimes is a lock. Lead for 5-star Jeff Green, led (might still lead) for 5 star Donovan Peoples-Jones. Have Richardson, Jaylen Harris and Danny Davis in state. All are Buckeye leans. Also tied at the top for 4-star Emmanuel Greene.
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Can't seem to shake the injury bug...this is the second big camp this summer he has tweaked something during. Will probably need some solid game tape this fall if he wants an offer. Just my guess.
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Agreed. I'm definitely rooting for the kid but the fact is you had better be ELITE if you want to be in OSU's 2017 class.
Especially at WR with OK be of the deepest classes for talent that I've seen in years! There are some guys that we'll have to turn down that can and will make immediate impact somewhere
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