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OH TE Trey Pugh (Northwestern Signee)

MD Buckeye

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Former BPCFFB II Champ
Former FF League III Champ
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Jonathan Alder HS (Plain City, OH)
Ht: 6'5"
Wt: 220 lbs
Class: 2017 (High School)

Visiting next weekend, per Givler.
Offer for TE or DE?

Watching the tape I would assume TE. He seems like a Heuerman/Hausmann type that naturally catches the ball. But the DE will help with the blocking aspect. But he is athletic enough that if he fills out, he could follow a Hubbard path. So to reiterate: Heuerman, Hausmann, or Hubbard. Triple H. So Trey will fit right in.
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My brother lives in the Hilliard school district (my nephew plays football and baseball for Darby) and said this kid actually transferred from Davidson to JA so he could play QB and then he got moved to TE. said hes a stud but a bit of a prima donna. just a FYI for the recruitin peeps
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